Suggestion: player killing penalties

If you attack and kill another player, you simply forfeit the ability to respawn at your camp.

In what world is this a good idea, and why?

This doesn’t appear to be a constructive post in any way what-so-ever. You do know there’s non-PvP servers correct?

This is fucking retarded

what a stupid idea

You can have multiple sleeping bags, not sure how this changes anything. I think NPC’s should come arrest you and put you in a cage and only when the victimized player forgives you, shall you be released.


In other words, kill someone, don’t get to play on that server again after the butthurt player refuses to forgive you.

Nice plan.

So you kill some one and you lose your sleeping bag spawn…
This is one of the times you should sit down out side and think on that.

Would you want that to happen to you if some one was in your home and you had to shoot first?

There is an issue at the core of PvP in a survival game. At this point your stuff is worth more than your life. If you die, you simply respawn where all your stuff is.

The decision to kill is not one of survival, but of dominance. Penalizing player killing hopfully sways the decision back to survival.

how about find a PVE server with a decent admin?

Thanks for the constructive criticisms

Please never post again.

I think that he is going in the right direction. There needs to be something in the game that makes people hesitate to shoot someone. Right now the game is unbalanced because there is no reason not to shoot everyone you see.

If the game is player versus player survival, why would you harshly penalize someone for engaging in player versus player combat?

Seriously, that’s like proposing a Call of Duty game and making you suicide for the rest of the round if you kill a guy. What are you even thinking?

Your contribution to the conversation is both valid and appreciated.

Sorry miss click. Meant agree.

I think it’s a bad call to decide what “survival” should mean for other players. If I don’t want to gather resources then I can take the risk to steal them from other players. And since when do you respawn where your stuff is? If you can’t respawn at your sleeping bag then you respawn randomly. And despite that, not everyone is going to have a full stash of guns and ammo and armor waiting for them back at their house.

While this post is completely useless, I do think some kind of bandit system like DayZ could be good. Say you’re constantly just killing random people, an example could be: 10 kills in 1 hour = flagged as a bandit for x amount of time. Name could show up in red from a distance or something. Just to let new people know to avoid and not to trust them

So you are telling us that you find it ok and are happy with the loss of your sleeping bag spawn in the event of YOUR home being raided and you killing people. This would hurt the defender more then the raider.

Shut the fuck up idiot asshole.

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Remember, everyone:

About the Game
The only aim in Rust is to survive.

To do this you will need to overcome struggles such as hunger, thirst and cold. Build a fire. Build a shelter. Kill animals for meat. Protect yourself from other players. Create alliances with other players and together form a town.

Whatever it takes to survive.

This is not a valid solution for the problem. I don’t think most people want to remove pvp in general. That is not fun. But I don think that there needs to be something that makes people hesitate to kill someone on sight.

He is trying to come up with solutions to that. Why not actually help?