Suggestion - Player Safe/Vault: A way to make Rust more enjoyable and interesting?

I know I’m new here and that automatically makes me the “cancer that is killing facepunch”, but bare with me for a moment…

Given the recent changes, there’s been a hot debate about how easy it is to break into houses and steal everything you’ve worked for, but I think there’s a way to minimize that worry while also making the game a little more interesting.

So what if you could easily craft a safe and nobody else could open it, but the catch was that you could only have one safe placed at any given time?

Ideas for mechanics:

  • either start with the recipe or have a good chance of finding it (I’m leaning more towards starting with it)
  • crafting would take x amount of metal
  • you’re only able to place on a foundation/roof
  • placing another one will destroy the original or better yet replace it with a “cracked safe” that can then be looted and/or destroyed by anyone (this would create an incentive for someone to either take back their territory or forfeit it and their most prized possessions to the bandits that threw them out)
  • should probably remain indestructable until it’s replaced
  • perhaps later have a way to upgrade it with more slots

I think this would go a long way in alleviating people’s concerns about losing everything they’ve worked for. And as long as you could build one early on enough, it’d help new players keep some of their progress, even while getting pummeled on. It would also making solo play viable (still at a disadvantage, but viable nonetheless). This makes people breaking into your house and stealing your common supplies less worrisome, while also giving you a very big incentive to take your own home back, rather than abandoning it.

What say you, my fellow cancer and what about the rest of you grouches? Any issues? Any suggestions?

To people who are absolutely opposed to this, I do realize the idea of having safe loot is polarizing, but I really do think this could be a good compromise between the two camps, as it still leaves the option for someone to lose everything and further mechanics could definitely strike a better balance (i.e. a safe will automatically become cracked if it isn’t accessed in x days and can only be restored if the owner accesses it after that). Please keep an open mind and be constructive when you can. That’s all I ask.

My son died of cancer.

I would definitely not like to see this. I don’t think that it should be easy to gather and keep resources in rust. I think you should always be on your toes defending what is yours to the death. This would totally ruin the game for me. Don’t get me wrong a safe is a good idea, but not one that you can’t break into. Maybe there could be a couple different sizes of safe that you can craft, each smaller one holding less but easier to hide. So a raider can steal a lockbox type safe and open it at home, or if you have a large safe you would have to break into it there to get to what’s inside. If a experience/levels system is ever put in, safecracking could be one of them.

I like it, Would love to see it ingame, Only suggestions is that you do not start with the blueprint, It is found somewhere, Not too rare, not too common, Maybe so not everybody has it, But some do.

EDIT: Also It should NOT be indestructible. It should be able to be destroyed. But with something powerful.

Unless you’ve just started, you should still have plenty to defend and die for. And now you have a reason to keep coming back, well after the fact.

I also don’t like the idea, maybe make it so the safe has 4 digits and when you create that safe it randomly makes it so a zombie somewhere in the world spawns 1 code for your safe when killed, this will make it so you will hunt and salvage more. These are ideas to improve the safe.

•add a pick locking mechanic where you can build a pick locking kit and try using it on someone’s lock, make it have a really low change of getting in.
•You could also make it when you create that safe it gives you a key bound to your character, when you get killed you will drop this key and the enemy can open your safe with it.
•Or maybe the new explosive charge that was added be able to destroy the lock and open the safe.

I suggested a house safe in another thread over an hour ago, way to copy me! lol

I’ve been mulling over the idea, but I can admit that your post did push me into finally writing down what was in my head. So thanks for that, even though our thoughts on mechanics are very different :]

I like this idea but it should be limited by a maximum say 4 spaces and cost a sh%$ ton of mats. That way people wont just build a ton of them to store all their stuff in. Oh and they should be damageable say 5 to 10 explosive charges to blow the door off.

Perhaps space should be initially limited, but the idea is to have one and only one.

Difficult to limit to one, is it one per person? One per house?

One per person. Store it in your main home or hide it somewhere else, but there can only be one.

If you give people a perfectly safe place to put their stuff, That CANNOT be stolen from. People wont care about dying. I liked it when walls were indestructible so you could just put TONS of Metal doors, So it was hard for anyone to get in, yet still possible. I think we just need indestructible walls back tbh.

Perhaps breaking the code on the safe takes 30 mins real time. In that time you need to defend the base you invaded to get the mega-loot. Now that would add some great fights whereas atm everyone blows the door in 1 sec, loots and runs. Boring…

Edit: Actually, I really like this idea. Keep them coming.

Me too! DO IT!

Imo a safe would prove to be overpowered, unless you reduce the digits to 1 or 2 which would take them time to crack it. This gives the game much more flexibility in the actual game play which would allow the person breaking into it to actually get into the safe while at the same time fighting off the owner of the safe.
This only applies if a safe with a digit pin-to-instant open scenario.

I think that would somewhat remove the element of survival. What do you learn about surviving if you don’t have to worry about losing your key items you worked hard to live long enough to obtain? I feel people would have no problems just bum rushing into action and constantly dying knowing they can easily just do it over again, compared to having to think it over knowing one mistake and you lose it all.

I support this idea completely. We had a long conversation last night on stream about this exact issue. It’s impossible right now to defend against loot whores who have a nearly unlimited supply of guns.

Even the 4 minute cooldown on sleeping bags doesn’t do much good. Last night we got raided by a group of three people. We managed to kill them off once, but we had just barely setup a house. They came in originally with C4, destroyed all of our doors, and then died. They came back about 10 seconds later with more guns and C4 and killed the rest of us. There was nothing we could do.

C4 has made it so easy to raid now, that it’s nearly impossible to defend. Too many doors to break down? Just destroy the wall.

I love the idea of having a safe where you can store maybe 5-10 of your most valuable items. As well, having the ability to upgrade it to hold more items.

I’m not even sure about the 30 minute cracking thing either. Because once you die, they’ll just metal door up your house and wait out the crack. You have nothing but a hatchet now to try and get your things back.

Also, someone asked how is this realistic. Have you ever been to someone’s house that has a large safe? How long do you think it’d take you to crack it. 30 minutes? You’re out of your mind.

TL;DR - Solo play is nearly impossible unless you’re already setup with a stockpile of guns and a well built house. Help out the solo players.

I would prefer the idea of continuously getting raided, and being on the edge of my seat defending everything I have collected to be honest.

Good contribution to the forums, however I respectfully disagree.