Suggestion: quiet door opening

Simple suggestion, give us an option on holding E at a door to very slowly and quietly open it or shut it. Enemies are outside my walls and I want to go out and attack them. I can crouch to avoid making footstep sounds but a BEEP and then SLAM makes it fairly obvious that I just opened and closed my door.

a worthy suggestion among all the shitty ‘AK IS OP’ threads.

I’ve been wanting to purpose this for awhile because I would love a quiet door option with maybe a small chance of it squeaking.

There was also another post which had the idea to open them quiet while crouched

Awesome idea!

Non-squeaky doors +material cost of some oil. or use up an oil to make the door quiet

Great idea, I would like to have no indication that the door needs oiling; merely the sound so you can go “SHIT I didn’t oil that door”. Low grade fuel maybe?