Suggestion: Randomised Radiation

Hey guys and gals,

Thought i would put down my thoughts here instead of derailing another thread more than i have, lol.

What i would love to see is randomised radiation that is not always tied to the monuments. (and also to be able to build anywhere, including inside these pretty new dungeons. these 2 ideas tie together to provide a bit more freedom in game, and allow us to do more than quickly raid and leave the monuments that have been painstakingly constructed).

So what i would expect to see is sites that might not be totally irradiated (like a town that only has the western half of it still radiated) and natural areas that don’t have monuments potentially be riddled with radiation (like a forrest that has high levels, killing animals and players who enter alike). As noted here, it should also harm animals who enter, meaning a lot of bodies in that forest, or animals who run away from it.

I’d personally have some kind of filter/skin that tarnishes everything in the area, so for example a grey layer that makes the grass in a field look dead, the trees look decayed, the sand look unhealthy…

Tied into this, would love to see a overlay for players who are currently radiated in the same tone.

Anyway, what do people think? yes, no, i don’t like it? :wink:

I like the idea of random radiation… or rolling. Maybe it could start in the rad towns and “blow” around the map(another PVE element?). It would be cool to see clan areas having to abandon their compound because the radiation is coming in.

I don’t like the idea of being able to build anywhere.

It’s annoying enough that clans wall in a rad town or something else, or they camp them from all sides, no need to give them the bunker with dungeons.

A radiation fog that rolls in? Awesome.

They should add fog in general…
And rad fog.
And rad in general, they really just need to find a way to balance radiation.

You could achieve the “randomized” radiation with plugins.

However making radiation a more integrated part of the game would give it something extra and the players a new challenge to overcome… been some time since we last heard FP give us any update on the radiation part after they told us they wasn’t satisfied with how it was working.

Yeah I miss radiation and im exited about seeing what they change about it.

Maybe acid cloud/fog and radiation clouds.

Replace decay with the acid cloud/fog. When it rolls your base starts to decay. You either hunker down and start repairing or abandon ship.

This would be great for toppling big bases. Lone wolves could use it to their advantage and move in to clean up what’s left. I hope someone from Facepunch sees this thread.

It would help remove abandoned bases that’s for sure.

And people could stop complaining about the decay timer and having to open and close doors or whatever.

Build your base, if you’re lucky “the fog” doesn’t get you.

Bring on the acid rain, that’s what I would like 2 see people running about with umbrellas.