Suggestion re. Improvement to Tool Cupboard with Code Lock

Introduce option to add Code Lock to a Tool Cupboard.
Based on current rationale for removing demolish functionality from end-user players, this would sufficiently secure building rights afforded by Cupboards such that ‘raiders’ would not be able to so readily gain building privileges. Increase HP of Cupboards - Bob’s Yer Uncle!

shit options on the survey, but yes, i would be happy for the cupboard to be lockable.

t doesn’t make sense for the tool cupboard to be lockable as it will not always be a tool cupboard. This is currently stock art, and will be replaced.

I think you overstate the certainty with which this will happen.

I think it’d be silly to invest in making it some visually striking totem of some sort considering that best practice currently (and unless it changes mechanics drastically, in the future) is to enclose the thing so that it will rarely if ever be seen.

Well consider this: It has to change because they don’t want to use non-proprietary art. So at the basic level it at least needs new art.

As the game progresses, more decorations will be added. More ways to make your home, “homey”. They want players to be able to easily distinguish between an actual cupboard and the “tool cupboard”. As Garry put it, “instantly recognizable”. Because of this, making the art something else completely makes sense.

In the case of creating some extra barrier, be it a code you have to enter or having to be authorized by someone already authorized, the a few questions arise. I understand the main point of the suggestion is to find a way to retain the demolish feature, but limit it’s exploitability by a “raider” who might grief the player by demoing the whole damn place. But we first need to analyse what the cupboard is really supposed to be doing.

Based upon what was said by garry in his reddit post and in devblog 33 we can see the basic reason for adding in the cupboards: to prevent griefing. They wanted to stop stairs/ladders from being built onto the existing house, and things from being built in front of doors. Demolish was a perk, an “extra ability”.

So my question is does your suggestion keep in line with the original intent of the cupboard. To allow your friends to gain access, and allow someone to be able to take ownership of your house. I don’t think it does. The entire purpose of the lock is to restrict the ability to take ownership of your house in order to protect the demolish feature.

So much for having a little lulz ;p

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These are important considerations, indeed, and a great question - thank you!

Appreciating your inclusion of the background infos also, I invite further discussion to make this an ideal suggestion that we might see implemented.

The CodeLock being added to a Cupboard only serves to further protect ones ability to safeguard their building rights. The Cupboard can still be demolished, however a ‘raider’ would be prevented from simply dropping a single wall, or worse still, no-clipping through a floor/wall to Authorize. It would instead be required that they properly gain entry to the room housing the Cupboard and demolish the Cupboard.

The inspiration for this suggestion is not merely to encourage the restoration of the demolish feature, this would be a side-effect perk of being able to use a CodeLock, though.

You would also need to make the cupboard indestructible, so that it is only destroy if it touches the ground…

Don’t agree with making it indestructible. It needs to be resilient. If people want to take over your house, they need to work for it.

If you read my post, it can still be destroyed, by taking out the foundation under it and getting it onto the ground. They would seriously need to work for it.

This is the opposite of what is meant for Rust.

The cupboard isn’t supposed to prevent someone from taking over your house at all. it is only supposed to block griefing.

this is why the cupboard was a bad idea to begin with. A singular entity that controls who can build has a lot of inherent problems.

This suggestion to add some sort of building object that prevents additions tot he outside of your house makes much more sense.

From the reddit post you linked above:
“In this case it’s to prevent a very specific thing, players building ladders/stairs on your house to gain access.”

That’s not griefing.

Leaving large structures for the owner to remove is what I am referring to as griefing. For lack of a better term, I suppose.