Suggestion: Reason why someone doesn't like a map/sent/swep/model/save

I’m tired of seeing people rating some of my work bad and not providing a reason why. It would be nice if it would provide the reason why someone rated something bad so the maker of the map/model/swep/sent could improve their to the “client’s” likings. I am also very confused on why some of the better maps are rated badly. For instance sb_new_worlds_2 and gm_bigcity are very good maps, but about 1/3 of the people are rating it bad.

Also, please filter out words like “gay” or “sucks dick” or any childish terms like that

Why can’t they just use comments? v:v:v

The problem is that they don’t

Then maybe they don’t have an explainable reason for disliking it. Maybe it just doesn’t sit right with them? Or they’re just trolls.

This also could be a problem. They could be random “trolls” that like rating shit bad for no reason. It’s like going to a thread with a good map and saying “It sucks” without any logical reason

That’s why you ignore them.

Sometime you can’t tell if people are telling the truth or just being arrogant. Some trolls are not as obvious.
Also you can’t tell a person from a troll from a rating system

Just ignore it