Suggestion: Reinforced Stone

Now thanks to the new update, armoured is very difficult to craft buts stone is way to easy to craft, we need something in the middle and sheet metal is simply terrible against C4, so i suggest a mixture of metal and stone to create reinforced stone, for example, a wall would cost 500 stone and 500 metal fragments to create reinforced stone walls which have 750 health which take 2 c4 to break and are very strong against melee attacks.

Would be okay i guess but we should reduce the costs of the sheet wall as well they are week so why arent they cheap then?

Just buff sheet metal to 2x c4s, why adding new upgrade type?

Could always use concrete with metal rods running through it.

Because sheet metal and stones are good for different things. It’s important to understand that in real life different materials do different things. It makes sense that a sheet of metal is not good against a rocket blast, and it also makes sense that a rock well would better protect you from an explosion. On the other side of it taking apart a rock wall by hand would be easier than taking down a metal one. (Because you can knock some rocks loose)

Templex’s “reinforced” layer would be a great addition to the middle tier. Graphically, it could be something as simple as stone with sheet metal cladding to save on model building. Then the HQM could be the “armored” tier with the current steel look.

So then remove sheet metal and add in the mixed material OP is talking about. I don’t think you quite understand just how worthless sheet metal is in game. There is literally NO reason to use it, because it’s only giving raiders a way to breach your walls on a budget. Stone is great for what it does, sheet metal should be slightly better.

game balancing is still unfolding.

Stone walls already take 2 c4

Twig, wood, stone, reinforced concrete, armored.

I think Clay would be an option as well.