Suggestion Related to Zombie Removal

Greetings all,

I noticed on the Rust Trello that the developers were looking for a new way to dispense goodies, to fill the current purpose of the to-be-removed zombies. ( Obviously loot can be found in the radiated structures around the map, but without zombies the demand for the loot in those areas will skyrocket, and even on lower population servers I can foresee these areas being dominated by the well established players. I had an idea that could replace the function of zombies as loot providers, I’m not sure if its already been suggested but I’ll post it anyways, if only to spur discussion on the topic.

In order to allow equal opportunities for players to acquire “goodies,” as Helk called them on the Trello, a simple system similar to how wood and rocks are distributed could be put in place. In random places around the map a resource node, like the wood or stone ones, could spawn, with the appearance of some sort of RUSTed metal object protruding from the earth, but not as easily visible as the other forms of resource nodes, and certainly not as common. These nodes could require use of a shovel tool to unearth them, and upon completion would disappear like the other nodes, leaving the harvester with a random “goodie.” In this way, instead of farming zombies for loot, players would often encounter some sort of buried object, and be able to salvage a usable item from digging it up. It could be possible to unearth a “goodie” with a rock, but the shovel should make the process much quicker, taking only 5-10 hits with a shovel.

I think this would effectively replace the zombie loot mechanism in a realistic way, and I don’t think it would require too much development. Plus there would be those exciting moments when you spot one from afar while gathering resources and rush over to claim it before you get your head popped off.

Thanks for reading.

Well, not so bad imho, I guess it might works for as at least an hint for devs

zombies will be replaced. no need of ideas.

I think this is a pretty good idea.

i would like to see more and smarter zombies.
sometimes horde of zombies attacking shelters and all.
we could let players decide to stay isolated or cooperate wither other players
by area with higher population are more vulnerable for zombie wave
(increased chances of attacking and/or number of zombies attacking)

you dont have to get rid of zombie completely, just allow admin to toggle zombie options

Well this unchecked to-do item from the Trello suggests otherwise: “Need another way to dispense goodies”

I believe it’s already been decided and stated by the developers that zombies will be removed, so this hardly seems relevant.

I’d be interested to hear more opinions or similar ideas, as I think the how the developers ultimately decide to dispense said goodies could have a sizable effect on gameplay. This doesn’t have to be the only replacement way to fill the role of the placeholder zombies, it could be a combination of many options.