Suggestion - Remove/Replace Redundant Key Locks

The first thing a player needs to do when entering Rust for the first time, or after a server wipe, is build themselves a base. Pretty obvious (where else can you stand and shout insults at people over VOIP from on high?). However IMHO there’s no point in doing so until you find yourself a Combination Lock BP. Literally no point at all.

If you’re on your own carrying a key around and you die/get casually murder-raped: game over for that house if there isn’t a crate full of spare keys in the room where your sleeping bag is, let alone more spare keys for each and every door. I do love seeing the distress in chat when this happens though, just saying.

If you’re playing with friends the entire key concept is a nightmare in logistics of epic proportions. When my mates and I jump into a new/wiped server, everyone goes on the hunt for a Combination Lock BP but, thanks to RNGesus being a bipolar bastard of a deity, it could be the very first barrel, or 4 hours of constant searching, possibly more (because: math). Plus with all the additions to the game; the probability of each and every item appearing goes down in accordance with the saturation of the drop table (not complaining about the quantity of stuff coming in though, love that shit). That’s not the way starting out new/fresh should be.

I understand the idea of having a lock with some restrictions as a starting point before moving onto a proper Combination Lock that your friends/hackers can access, but Key Locks are terrible. Just the worst. I like that the game is moving/has moved into this pseudo realistic mindset in terms of what a player can do/build/craft, how it’s done and what’s required, but the Legacy version had a better lock system for starting out. You build it, only you can unlock it (before the introduction of sharing). This should be the first stage of lock. The player can build it, place it, use it, but can’t share it. That’s where the Combination Lock comes in (pray to RNGesus for luck). Most groups have their dedicated builder anyway, and if they’re solo then I’m going to assume that they’re building everything themselves.

It would still be a restriction/artificial difficulty scale on base building at the start, but at least there wouldn’t be hours of barrel breaking, crate searching and murder facing just to avoid using a Key Lock.


I think they should keep it but make it possible to unlock the door from the inside without a key.

There are ways around the key lock’s limitations, you just have to think about it intelligently. New players are going to lose their base regardless of whether they have a code lock or a key lock, they can’t possibly know all the nuances of the game in order to avoid a bad strategy. That being said, key locks will eventually get another quality of life pass that should make them a little easier to use.

Protip: Next time you make a forum post try formatting it a little better. Nobody likes to read a brick of text with a useless poll attached to it.

Cheers for the input. The key, or management thereof, isn’t my issue. The point I was trying to make is that it’s nothing but an annoyance, and in my mind an unnecessary one. When the current version was launched it was fine to try out new concepts and mechanics, but where the game is now it just seems like an unnecessary and convoluted first step. So I’m trying to get across that it should be removed or replaced.

Unlike other items the Key Lock doesn’t get recycled by the player once they have a Combo Lock. For instance; if a player is fully kitted out with the best gear and weapons and they’re raided or lose it all in a fight, then they might not be in a position to replace everything. So they would use lower grade weapons, tools & armour until they’re good to go again. No matter the case I can guarantee that nobody ever uses the Key Lock again. That’s a clear case of redundancy.

That’s not true. I have been in the situation where I had to make a lock fast and didn’t have frags to make a code so I made a key.

They’re a pain in the arse but the game isn’t mean to be easy.

the key locks could do with some simplification to make them more viable, but they are a needed tier.

we use rocks, then shitty tools, then proper tools for harvesting or melee combat. make a house out of branches, then rocks, then metal. use a bandage, a med syringe then a medkit. everything in the game moves from crap to decent to good tiers. codelocks are the good tier, and because the only thing to do is build or raid, there is a massive emphasis on restricting access to other players while maintaining our ability to enter the base.

i’m not sure what the solution is. i’ve previously suggested a doorbar that allows you to lock a door from the inside but not the outside as a tier 1/2 lock. keys are irritating, but needed.

I don’t want “easy mode” by default.

I think the game’s progression needs to be fixed to force the key lock tier. Because right now everyone knows it is just a matter of a grind to get top level everything.

Also, as garry put it, you need to stop thinking about your base as a single building and more as a complex.

I think that’s a great idea. Most locks in real life can be opened from inside without a key. Would be cool if we could do that in Rust too

The door bar thing would be a good addition/alternative. I don’t dispute that all the tiers are needed, but the fact that every lock has a different key is insane.

If you could perhaps create one lock & key, then have the option to imprint the key onto another lock during crafting (maybe by dragging the key into a box?). That way you could at least have the freedom to have each floor or section as a different key (or do it for the entire base if you really feel the need to share all your stuff with other players).

At the end of it all though; when there are people posting that 48hrs of constant searching don’t get them the Code Lock BP, there needs to be a workable alternative.

Well there is, if you’re clever.

Would that magically mean only for the owner?

Personally I would throw keys in a furnace and not look back.

Obviously it would mean anyone who was inside the building?

So how do you define a door inside a base. What direction is “from the inside” ?

Example: I break in from the roof. Can I now possibly have a 50% chance to open any door I encounter?

… doors have 2 sides just like walls. The side with the support bar is the inside

I like the primitive lock as well for establishing progression. We just need to have a key ring or be able to craft a lock to fit an existing key so early bases aren’t an exercise in juggling sets of keys.

There are ways around this like the rotating stairs and whatnot, but those struck as borderline exploitive.

How about this. Ditch the key lock and replace with a 3 number code lock. Less secure but not obnoxious.

Having to enter it each time you want to open the door. Like a bike lock with the three tumblers.