[Suggestion] Repair kits

I have played this game for months now, under a different name and Facepunch account, and I’ve been raided countless times. I understand that raiding is a key part of the game, and I accept that I will lose all of my stuff from time to time, but in every single one of those raids I have been griefed; which means that I have to go somewhere else and start again. I know you can place doorways between every foundation in your house, but it is ugly and you can still be griefed with doors.
This is why I suggest that repair kits be added to the game. In my imagining a repair kit would have two functions, to repair, and to destroy items placed on foundations you have laid. With the primary fire (left mouse) you could repair items, and reset the grace period for the decay of static items, such as spike walls. With the alternate fire (right mouse) you could destroy structural components placed on or above foundations you have laid, perhaps taking 30-60 seconds to destroy the component. To balance the repair kit out it should be loaded with low quality metal, or wood planks, which would be consumed when repairing, stopping people from spamming it during raids.
This is only a suggestion, and probably flawed, please comment below with any suggested corrections.

You can already repair objects from what I know and they are working on a way to remove misplaced objects.

Thanks for your feedback, did not realize your could repair things, how silly.
Though I guess that repair kits would be a neat way to combine these two things.