SUGGESTION: Replacing/Upgrading locks

I have been following most of the posts here recently and didn’t see anything about this yet. Forgive me if I missed it, but I also stopped reading a lot of the Key Lock threads because most people seemed to just be bitching for its removal. This post is a suggestion to the developers on the lock systems as a whole, not any individual lock.

First, I will say that I am liking the way the locks work now after the last update. I know about the bug where they disappear after a server reboot or whatever (I was also locked inside my T6 house), but I am sure it will be fixed and that is not what this post is about. I like the new system because I think it provides a way to upgrade/replace existing locks without having to make a whole new door. I would like to see the ability to replace/upgrade locks with new ones if you have access to the lock. Basically, if you can open the door without having to unlock it first (you have the key or have typed in the code previously) then you should also have the ability to replace a new lock over the existing lock. Currently we have the ability to upgrade walls without having to make a new base, but if we want to change from a key lock to a code lock, we have to bust down the old door and make a new one. Since we all start with a code lock currently, this isn’t really a big issue right now. But in the future, when you have to spend more time searching for a battery or whatever for the code lock (or any other lock), and need to start your base with the tier 1 key lock, this ability will be needed. This will also allow players who lose a set of keys to another player the ability to change the lock if they have a spare key.

I have faith in the Devs that something like this was already planned. But just in case, I am throwing the idea out there. Keep up the good work guys!