Suggestion: Research Kits Stackable, since theyre one time use now.

As tittle states. They take up too much space…

Are they really one time use now ? didnt see that in the patch notes ?

Has the drop chance been increased abit or still the same ?


Its in the change log: “Research kits are now one time use”

No. They shouldnt be stackable, the paper is already stackable.

If your arguement is for realism, i can carry 250 wooden foundations and only 1 research kit

How can i carry 2000 Metal ore and 2000 pieces of wood? By your argument most items should not be allowed to be stacked either.

Even after reading your post below, the same holds true for most items.

Its not an argument for realism, its a method of power control. Research kits are arguably the most powerful item in the game. You should have to use them or lose them, you should not be able to stack 250 of them in your warehouse and simply wait without making the space for them.

That wasnt my arguement, and yes i believe this game needs a weight system. i dont think you should be allowed to run around with 2000 metal ore and 2000 wood logs.

I Think i would be good when u can use it 10 times befor broken, not only 1 time…

Arguably? Please, make this argument, because I’d love to refute it.

With how few you actually need, a handful of large storage chests will hold what you need, and at that point, it’s just an annoying use of space for something so trivial to find. Not everything stacks at 250, by the way. Even stacking at 10 would make the space usage less annoying.

Make them stackable. Hell, if you wanna really be a prude about it like some of the posters above, make them stack by 5 or 10 like arrows and grenades. Meet us halfway.

1 time use is fine, but at least let us stack them so I don’t have a box full of research kits