[Suggestion] Rocket Nerf

IMO there should be a rocket Nerf. It takes the same amount of rockets to blow down a stone wall as it does a metal wall. Now this wouldn’t be a problem if it wasn’t cheaper than c4 and you couldn’t take down 4 walls with 4 rockets. The only real way to fight this is armored and even then it only takes 6 rockets and at thag point you just wasited your high quality. Rockets make c4 practically worthless because it’s cheaper and more effective.

Breaking a wall with C4 is cheaper by 100gp. (2400gp C4 compared to 2500gp rockets).

The only difference between stone and metal is that metal can’t be taken down with tools. Thats how it should be imo. Your base should be defensible enough that what ever is in your loot room costs more to get to than is inside, meaning any raiders would make a net loss on raiding your base.

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Rockets have splash damage, so theyre way more cost effective.

You can take down 4 walls with 4 rockets if you can aim right but only one wall with 2 c4

Lower damage, higher splash AoE.


You need to learn how to make your base more secure on the loot room and the defense , stop building on square foundations everytime , try something else , try some other designs … Rockets should not be nerfed the bigger the base is not worth wasting c4 or rockets on it as rockets and c4 is not cheap at all

I had a completely honeycombed triangle foundation base with 6 floors, loot room being at the top auto turrets the whole nine yards I don’t know how I could possibly make it more secure

i think the rockets should deal less damage per wall, if it hits more walls.

Rockets been nerfed before.