[SUGGESTION] Rocks on floor

I have been reading other posts suggesting being able to trow rocks. Since all of them talk about being able to craft them and have them in the inventory, I have come to the question of why not put them on the map like grass but scattered across the fields and have the ability to grab one when you need it and being able to trow it. This way rocks don’t magically appear on your hand and it makes the game a little more realistic and harder if you are planning on harassing someone at an early game or simply scare someone at night. What are everyone’s opinion about this?

i’d love to throw rocks at naked dudes.

Id loved to trow rocks too :smiley:

I have other ideas to make the game harder to have access to everything very fast. One of them would be to start only with a few blocks of inventory and being able to craft a backpack to have more space.