Suggestion: Rope

It sounds fairly simple. Rope. Why Rope of all things? Because Rope, Rope can be used as a way to make other things. Suppose a player wants to say, trap a player in his base. He can use rope to do that. Suppose a player wanted to tie him to a tree, he could. What other reasons are there for rope? Suppose I wanted to make a grappling hook, Now I can raid bases by throwing it over walls. What else could I do with rope? Suppose we have cars, I can use rope to add more luggage and to hold onto more things on that car. I could use rope to make trap doors work, or make them into traps in general that people could walk on and causes spring traps. I could use rope for a great many things and those are just a few of them. I see Rope in Rust being used as like a resource and a tool. Much like how a repair bench is used to create a Research table. It could use either leather or cloth to make, and it can be useful for the general public. Now, sure what could go wrong? I’m not really sure, its up for you to decide. But rope would be great for decorations too, because then you could tie skulls to rope, and throw it on the ends of walls and such. So I mean, it works in a great many applications.

Tldr; I want rope in the game because I want it to be used as a way to tie players, make grappling hooks, hold more luggage, and be used in traps.

Let me know what you guys think, good or bad.

I support this!

What good is tying up a player if they just suicide, or log out?

What good is being tied up and you’re unable to “play” the game… total restriction of another players gameplay isn’t welcome for many… it could be fun on a modded server though, even making for new types of game modes.

Anyway, adding rope would give a bunch of new opportunities to the game, so lets get it added :wink:

If tying up a player means they suicide, its an optional thing to do. Its just something helpful for things like RP servers and such. Perhaps you could add a wait timer when people suicide like that. Idk, there is always a way to prevent that from happening or you can allow it, it doesn’t really matter. As for people who log out, you could still leave their body tied up when they fall asleep and leave their animation in this tied up state.

Unfortunately people will most likely use it to humiliate others and ruin their time when you are able to restrain people and even refuse a suicide then.

I think it would be cool if it were like The stomping land Where you could tie people up and lock them in cages just as prisoners… Rip stomping land :frowning:

It would be cool? Srsly? What would you think will happen on servers with a dominating group? THey’ll build prison cell and lock up everyone they find. Yeah, pretty “cool” for the group and killing the fun for everyone who gets caught.

Rope for other uses is a good idea but tying people up is the stupidest thing I can think of. Why would anyone want to have their game play time ruined by being tied up and not actually being able to play? They wouldn’t they’d either just suicide or if that was blocked log off and not play anymore.

I really wish people would stop suggesting this and its a dumb idea. Anyone that’s played any survival game with handcuffs knows even on RP servers tying someone up will just make them rage quit or suicide.

Its a risk you gotta take it could be a good mechanic or a bad one…

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Thank you for shareing your opinion

Would be fun to hang people…

but I don’t think that the option to tie players up will be widely appreciated. You will have to suicide or just wait until you die from hunger or thirst. I don’t wanna be tied up in someone’s base for hours…

Yes we need Rope to replace the kill command in console. Want to suicide?

  1. Find a Tree
  2. Bring Rope
  3. ???


Of course, this isn’t the only feature of Rope.
Rope can be used for making elevators, we could use rope for things like creating trebuchets, catapults which may seem far fetched, you could use rope for things like hanging people, or maybe even use rope for making slingshots or using it for small bombs. Like the bomb concept being that you use metal frags, gunpowder, and rope to make a handmade bomb that could set off. Anyway, just a few other ideas you can use rope for. But the point is, Rope has many purposes other than just tieing people up.

Rope is cool

People post these suggestions, i.e. “tying up other players”, from the perspective of the one doing the tying. Never from the other view.

Rope would be good for making rope ladders, bridges, etc.

Could be made from hemp.

As a tool to capture people… only if it could be broken after a few minutes would it be a “good” idea.

The whole prison capture theme would add another element to the game, but only if all sides are okay with it.

It would make for pretty shitty game play if a big clan just went around capturing people to put in a dungeon and left them there.

Maybe the 12 year olds would think it’s funny until it happened to them. Then not so much.

I don’t understand the fascination people keep having with bondage and imprisonment in this game.

Rope is just an intermediary resource… adding rope is redundant. If they coded a grappling hook, a snare trap or a trebuchet… the requirements could simply include “cloth”.

Rope by itself, not incorporated into some more complex functional tool, is relatively useless in game terms… unless you’re talking about tying up players. Which again is a separate conversation, and historically not a pleasant one.