Suggestion: Rp Gamemode That Creates a "Real" Economy.

Feel free to rate this dumb if you don’t agree with and/or don’t like this idea… or if you just think it’s dumb.

:siren: :siren: THIS IS NOT A “Come work for me!” THREAD. It’s simply an idea I have. :siren: :siren:

Instead of having a shitty rp gamemode where you need a bunch of people who are seriously into roleplaying in order to have fun, or an over-complicated rp that restricts too many powers, I have this to propose:

A bunch of the gamemode will function like stranded, like how you can combine entities and props in order to make new entities. But this will take place in the city, so there will be no need for wood-chopping or mining, as that just adds grinding into the game. You can order certain resources (depending on your level of access) and trade with other players.

You will have an inventory, and if you own them, a few select tools. Most likely, you can only, say… weld 2 props together by using one ‘piece of metal’. You can buy metal from one of the classes listed below. Some tools, like wheels, will only be able if you happen to have the said item (like a wheel). This will prevent spamming, but still allow you to build some creative contraptions. Obviously there will be no dynamite or some other tools available (or at least very rare), so cheap and annoying contraptions won’t be built.

Ever player will have hunger, energy, thirst, health, and something like stress or happiness. It will not change nearly as fast as in stranded, and if you follow an eating schedule, you really shouldn’t have to worry about the hunger and stuff. The stress will be increased by drinking coffee or something like that, and decreased by eating a watermelon or something dee-licious. It’s also effected by sleep, and other things like if you own a weapon or not (don’t worry, it should be hard to get a gun), and how much sleep you’re getting.

If you die, you lose the money you have on you, and possibly some other stuff.

When you interact with other players, you can view their immediate store (what you can buy just by clicking on it, money will be automatically transferred, and you don’t need to make an agreement in order to make a purchase), and their other store (you have to make a deal with the player in order to purchase). All players will also have a private inventory, and be able to control which category each prop/entity falls into.

There WILL be classes, but it will be something like this:

Food Vendor
Able to spawn food and add it to their store. (for a price)

Construction Worker
Able to spawn props and add them. (once again, for a price)

Able to combine things in order to create tools and SWEPs and stuff. (combining things is free, but some raw materials cost, or you might have to buy them from the construction workers)

Realtor (?)
Able to sell/rent houses. (not sure about this one)

Just like a real bank, people lend money, and the banker can use that, but if the people want their money back, the banker might be in trouble (debt) if they have spent it all.

Maybe some unemployment pay…

Each class can employ as many people as they like.
If you are a food vendor, you can make a deal with someone, and give them a bunch of special watermelons or something. BUT the employee cannot use/eat these watermelons, only sell them, and for each sold, they only get a cut of the profit (decided when they make the deal). All of the money is automatically trasnferred to prevent people from being dicks and keeping all the money for themselves.

This would create a “real” economy, and lessen the whole “IMMA BE A GANGSTER SO I CAN SHOOT PEOPLE” thing going on. Eg:

Say there is no food vendor. People will start to get really hungry, because there won’t be any food, right? Well then one smart person will decide to become a food vendor, and since they are the ONLY place to get food, will become extremely rich. Maybe a bunch of people will soon become food vendors, leaving a shortage of bankers. A bunch of people will start to lose their money by dieing, and soon they will feel really unsafe. Then some smart guy steps in and decides to try to corner the banking market, and so on.

This will encourage competition, but also encourage people to work together.

Once again, I am not asking someone to code this for me, simply suggesting the idea. I really think this would improve rp in general. If someone decides to make this, I don’t ask for any credit or anything, I just really want to see something like this out there.

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**Q: TL;DR!**
A: I hate the way rp is executed in Gmod, and think this would even it out.

**Q: Code it yourself.**
A: I'm already busy enough

**Q: Content-less post.**
A: Well yeah... I don't plan on making this.

**Q: Why are you asking us to do this?**
A: This is just an idea, you don't have to use any of this.

So… Basically the IRP09 Gamemode?

You realise that the concept of “real economy” doesn’t even work in real life? what makes you think it will work in a game?

Exactly lol.

But there’s no oil industry in this game, so about 5/6 of the real world’s economy problems are solved in the game :smiley:

not really, either, you have:

-no inflation and a fixed amount of money circulating ingame, and then as peoples hoard it it will become more and more scarce to a point new players won’t even be able to get money at all (concept of the guy who became so wealthy he owned all the gold coins of thre town).
-inflation system, where the money supply is increased to meet with the demand wich inevitably lead to exponential inflation and loss of the value of the currency.

But since all the resources cost the actual dealers/vendors a set amount, there will not be much inflation, and that one guy who is hoarding all the money will still need to pay others for his services.

From my experience players usually tend to cut all their costs and middle mens by doing everything themselve or aquire it by ill means.

Well you can’t do everything yourself, you need to buy all the items not available in your class to use them.

well i’m just sayin’

This partially reminds me of PhilXYZ’s upcoming script, SeriousRP. It will establish an economy based on an economic model, and will include things like inflation and recessions. From what I’ve read, he’s not going to do “classes” but instead have a system of Employers and Employees.

Switch classes?