[Suggestion] Rust m4

Im new to this actual forum, my apologies if im too dumb with this :stuck_out_tongue:
I was looking at old Legacy Rust, and i saw the old assault rifle, if im not wrong it was an hk416, later it was removed/changed by the current hand made AK.
As more weapons are going to be added soon, i made this quick piece of shit to show how it can be…

This quick Hand made m4 can be made, just like the current assault rifle, making it from hqm, mf and wood, and using 5.56 ammo.
It can also be just like the m249, that you get from the heli or from other AI drop, but this one have to be clean and realistic like the m249.
I hope you like the idea
Best Regards

While really cool, theres too many high-powered weapons in the game as it is in my opinion.

Yes, i know, the most used are the Bolt and the AK, sometimes the MG but this adds more variety, thats my whole purpose, “Variety”

I think you should give a choice for players. just like the real life.

AK= More powerfull, but not accurate
M4 = More accurate, less powerfull.

Let me say my proposition…
Ak = +Damage -Accuarcy +Recoil -Firerate /30 rounds
M4 = -Damage +Accuarcy -Recoil +Firerate /20 rounds
M4 does less damage than AK, more like 25% less, Has higher accuarcy 30% more than AK, has less recoil 40% less and fires 45% faster than AK.
Please, this will add even more content to the game.

It’s pretty much what I said in here:

Give players more weapons to choose, there is 2 type of weapons in rust that could we choose. SMG (Thompson, Custom SMG etc…) or assault rifles (AK, Bolt (That’s it lol))

Well, of course, everybody would choose assault rifles than an SMG because they more powerfull-… But there are only 2 assault rifles (Idk if the bolt is counted as an assault rifle but whatever). I think you should put more assault rifles such as M4, M4A1, galil and such more weapons you could add to this game to give the player to choose. Every weapon has his advantages and his disadvantage. People should choose if they want a more accurate weapon but less powerful or more powerful gun but less account.

Tbh, why would they need too? I would prefer that they focus on the base systems of the game first rather than just adding in more guns with slight differences from one another. They pretty much have every gun type in Rust, in one form or another. I see no point to add more when A: we already have what we need, and B: the game still doesn’t have all the base features of the full game in yet(Like electricity and fishing).