[Suggestion]Rust Market Place

Maybe In-Game currency by killing zombies would be cool :slight_smile:

you should go and play shittty infestation stories


and one more …dev’s going to replace zombies soon

Infestation is the worst game ever made :smiley:

This would not work because there is no “Shop” to buy from. For one thing dollars would be useless in this type of storyline since its basically post modern society. Also there is no official town or community have a “Shop” to buy things from.

You may be able to bribe a wolf for a a few blood bags though :slight_smile:

Hmm seems legit:)

And you are the worst poster on sub-forum.

I think the Rust Market Place isn’t a bad idea at all. There should be one limited zone in the game that is non pvp where players are allowed to trade items for currency. This also would add a whole new element of killing as well. You just made a big trade of currency to 10 charges and little do you know you have a team of about 10 kevlar guys waiting on you to leave the non pvp zone.

To fix the part where people could afk/log out in the non pvp zone, put a time limit where you are allowed to stay in there not moving (ie 5 mins) until they instantly die. This would induce community interaction instead of one secluding themselves for their entirety on a server.

Aww :frowning:

horrible idea. this game isn’t about zombies, nor should there be safezones. If you want to have a currency, make your own. Get a non-craftable item that isn’t extremely hard but isn’t easy to obtain, and use it as a currency. Simple.

Or maybe a auction house like people selling m4s for like wood or something u know wat i mean

nope.never.ever.ever.ever worst idea ive ever heard. that would take away the entire survival aspect. you can trade with other people.

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also scammer gtfo

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c4 is the popular currency atm and kevlar.

I’m not even sure how to explain to you how horrible that idea is.