Suggestion: Rust Team Deathmatch.

A mod, or preferably a different gamemode for Rust.

There would be two teams between 5-10 (Maybe more?) people that would spawn on a procedurally generated island, but a lot smaller.
Teams would spawn together and from there would instantly set out to eliminate the other team.
For the sake of time and to keep the round short, only level 2 or 3 walls can be built.
Players could join and spectate the matches as they wait for their turn.
If there is no winner by the end of the round (10-20 min?) all buildings decay and they have 3 minutes to end the round.
After 3 minutes only a tiny section in the center of the island becomes heavily irradiated, forcing either death on the players a final one on one.

I think this could add a different type of play style for quicker more action filled rounds. Maybe help bring people together to form clans that could populate regular servers.

Thoughts, suggestions? is this even possible with a mod?

No thanks. This game is not meant to be a dedicated first person shooter, but a Sandbox Survival game (Open-world PvE and PvP). So setting up games like Team Death match, Capture The Penis and Free For All would be a massive contradiction on the developers part. All that work on building updates, animal movement, concept art old world structures, player armor and clothing…ETC… would all be wasted in a “10 - 20 minute” stab fest between 6 naked people.

Oxide can do whatever they want on the modded servers. But leave the community/official servers Sandbox Survival game-modes.

Server owners regularly did this on Legacy by building large arenas to drum up interest and activity. Some build obstacle courses… even had little Hunger Games tournaments. I even saw someone create casino games (craps using long range archery to simulate dice throws and roulette where players shot at a running target on a wall and tried to get his corpse to fall in the half-room segment where they had placed their bet).

That’s all fun for a little while. And then you realize you’re not playing Rust… you’re playing the G-Mod version of CoD.