SUGGESTION - Rusty and improvised JETPACK :

Firstly, sorry for my english =)


After saw the new ladders i suggest something more rare and dangerous
to climb a wall and rocks…

Garry said that rust will have a lot of blueprints, itens types and variants.
now all itens (Ak47,thompson, smg) are looking like a madmax style with
rusty, improvised and primitive appearance.

So i suggest the possibility to craft something crazy and funny like a Jetpack: let me explain:

**1-**Slow climb velocity (you can’t use to escape of bullets or a fight, and velocity is based on weight of player, more heavy more slow)
**2-**A possibility to reach a high roofs, rocks etc…
**3-**this Needs to be very limited and rare (low time in air, expensive and dangerous)
**4-**Could be crafted using two red missiles ammo too (a chance to explodes on your back sometimes haha)
**5-**Maybe use some tipe of fuel (high fuel consuption).
**6-**A long and big black smokes trails in air (easy to be spotted by a enemy player)
**7-**Sometimes ignitions will fail. (explode, dont ignite etc)
**8-**this can be used just jumping and holding space botton (maybe a time delay for ignition),
**9-**wearable like the clothes, (maybe you cant use chest plate and jetpack at same time)
**10-**if it is hit by a gunshot have a chance to blowup, losing control or auto ignition.
**11-**you can’t shoot or throw a c4 while fly

appearance can be like others itens, very rusty, improvised, like mad max style (steampunk).

the BP but i think is better appearence without the control joysticks.

now we have the crazy Candle hat, a crazy bazooka and why not a crazy jetpack?
thats it =)
what do you think?

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This would be an awesome option for raiding bases. Even if it just gave you a few seconds of air time it would be really fun to use.

With the added option of losing control and going further into the sky and finally falling to your death.

So this think will probably have a 25% chance of you not dieing horribly.

Not as slick as this but ladders are on the way soon, apparently.

bwhahaha I can see in now. AK, facemask, metal chest plate and jet packs. Ironman fights.

Give it an over heat meter, so if you stay on the throttle to long BOOM. and or make the tank itself vulnerable to explosion if shot a couple of times and this could balance well.

LOL i just watched the Rocketeer the other day

Malexion, thats cool, would be awesome and funny see somebody flying out of control in inspiral hahaha
Redeamed, the jetpack needs be very limited to be balanced in game, i suggested use it without chest plate, what do you think?

When I read the title, I thought… really rolls eyes! But reading your post, it’s actually not a bad idea. You can’t plant too many negatives on it as people won’t use it, but as long as its well balanced, it would work well!

No ladders, nor grappling hook yet, but lets build a jetpack?

i thought the same, when I saw the crazy bazooka while we had few weapons options, and when I saw the candle hat, the same reaction that you…

this is rust, this dont needs make any sense, just fun…

would be really fun to schoot an enemy with a jetpak on him and them exploding after you schot him or fly away in a random direction xD :3

this is also a solution for cup board on the second etage and breakable stairs that makes bases unraidable right now

I think this suggestion is better than the new ladders update, because with ladders you have 100% chance to climb a wall, with jetpacks you can die any time…
this is more plausible than go around sticking stairs on walls…

Love it: if you get shot… boom. That’s some fun balance there.

Sounds fun. Probably easier to code than grappling hooks too.

I think a jump-jet could fit more better, since a jet-pack is for flying, a Jump-jet it’s for jumping more higher.

In the current version of Rust I don’t think it really fits. I would like to see it in a future-post-apocalypse Rust if they ever made different versions of the game.

Just to be clear: a jetpack built out of firewood, stones, and animal guts is more plausible that building a ladder?

Definitely not as plausible but a shit load more fun :smiling_imp:

Reminds me of Tomorrow land. Except no George Clooney. Sounds awesome.

Jetpack on this game? lmao. Stop trolling my face, it is not is a idea, it will fu the game.