Suggestion: Salvaging

As I play countless amounts of hours on Rust, I’ve thought up a couple suggestions for new content in Rust. The one I’m about to tell you has probably been the most wanted and seems like it would fit in nicely with the game.

Salvaging Items for Materials

I’ve logged over 1k hours on rust (around 500/500 between legacy and new rust) and as I perform well by taking other people’s gear, I toss out most items that are deemed trash because of their uselessness in my circumstances. I think that everything would have more value (such as different colored clothes that you don’t use) would have some if you can get something from it. Same applies to anything else deemed useless such as low tier weapons (pipe shotgun / thompson) to low tier armor (road sign jackets / bucket helmets).


Of course you can’t get all of the materials it would’ve taken to craft the item. The percentage of materials you get back can be decided by devs and what not.

How to do it? That is also up to the devs, but some suggestions would be is you can do it regularly in your inventory, have a “salvaging table”, or allow usage of salvaging on a repair bench.

This will definitely improve my experience in Rust and possibly others.

Anyway thanks for checking this out. I didn’t really know where to post it so the devs could see it, so I just posted it here.

I’d love to see a salvage table, or salvage option on the repair bench. De spawning items has always kind of bothered me.

agree, but has been suggested repeatedly;)