[Suggestion]Saving Multiplayer Maps

Is it possible to make a mod so that when you and friends are just on a local create server, when you guys are done can you save it? Like on single player. Is it possible? Grammer Errors All over. Beh dont remind me

You’re saying take all the props that you made/worked with and saving them?

If you’re talking about the props then there is an add-on called Advanced Duplicator that saves the props locations to a text file. You could re-create stuff you made with it.

Hmm well what im trying to say is have friends join your server work on something for hours then save it so we can work on it later, and take down the server.

No, there isn’t any addon that can do it.

And as far as I know, it’ll be either impossible or just too hard to save all that information/blah.

All you can really do is Adv Dupe your work, and then when you come back load it back out.

Just weld it all together, Adv Dupe it then when you wanna continue just tick the box ‘paste at original location’ and all your props will be in their original place.

Would it be possible to have a program save the current status of the server or something? That would be kind of neat, but would probably be crazy hard to do.