[Suggestion] Separate items for Explosive Charge and Timed Explosive Charge

It’d be handy to be able to place bulk explosives down for remote detonation with the bolt, or even for a chain reaction style detonation say from a land mine or something similar. If you split the components up you could make a Timed Explosive Charge with an Explosive Charge and some other materials.

Just a thought, I’d find it useful! :slight_smile:

I dont get that…

So you want a clone of the timed explosive charge but you want to shoot it in order to blow up?
Sounds like somebody is coming into a restaurant and ordering bolognese without meat or tomato sauce.

In essence he is asking for a remote detonation system. His suggestion said a Bolt action to detonate it. Im not so sure about that mechanic however…I to have often thought about this.
A string of C4 could be placed on multiple areas and remotely detonated without a timer.
This could be used as a form of “Gimmie this,or else”
However, a defense would have to be in place as well. Perhaps a skill set to allow you to remove the C4 without it exploding or at least given a % of chance of successful removal.

This is exactly what I’m talking about and I agree with your comments on it. I may have overcooked the idea a bit.

Perhaps it’s as simple as taking the current Explosives and making them deployable. When deployed they detonate when they’re hit by a projectile or splash from another detonation. Further, they could be removed from where they are deployed by anybody.

It may also be a pathway for Item Mods where you can Mod the Explosives to be Timed, Remote Detonation, Movement Triggered, etc.