Suggestion : Server Inactive-time buff

Its getting more and more common specially between medium/big groups to wait until every enemy player is offline to raid/demolish the enemy’s house. This way noone is defending … its eazy even if the attacker is just only one person with c4 (one person could demolish any house with enought c4 without firing a shot). This is very frustrating for “average” players since there is little/no important action during server’s active time, (servers with old/organized population are more affected by this) . Also it kills a big part of the game, defending, attacking in big groups.

Most (or all servers ) have all their population from a localized geographical area (players seek low pings and same language).

My Suggestion: Make time frames in which buildings are weaker/harder to break or the tools/weapons do less/more damage (configurable by server’s owner) . This would promote figthing on active time and punishing the “wait for the enemy to go offline behavior”.

a Rust Player