[Suggestion] Servers vs servers

Hello all,

I am here again with an other (IMO) great idea that popped up. I wasn’t able to find it on the forum so far, so here I go. Please share your opinion and say what you should (or should not) change to refine this idea.

Well my idea was as follow: I would love to see that some official servers allow you to play against others servers.

Nowadays you see a lot of clans that dominate a server making it for smaller clans almost impossible to get any resources and stuff. Sometimes these small clans are joining each other in 1 big fight against the bigger clans. These “wars” are delivering a big load of nice videos on Youtube and also a nicer gameplay for those who are involved.

If server 1 is able to fight server 2 it might give the same experience, but with even bigger wars, because (maybe) the clans in server 1 will combine and the clans in server 2 as well when the possibility is there. You are more obligated to play with each other and even more obligated to respect the solo players in your server, because they can make the difference during such a war.

Once in 2 or 3 days a portal arises (it must occur as an event!). If you walk through this portal you will spawn on the other server at a random place on the beach (just like you start as a Newman). You have everything in your inventory as you got on the other server (even the BP’s you know). You are then able to do everything on the new server as you were used to, besides gathering resources, but including building. You can store everything you have there, but remind that you have to explore the map before you build something (otherwise you are too far away from the big clans).

To return to your own server you have to find the portal(s) that arose in this server. Again with all the inventory stuff you had before (so you will be able to loot the other clan on the other server and bring it back).

The portals are there for only 5 hours and if you are in the other server when the time has passed you will be transferred to your own server with the stuff in your inventory.

The server vs server can only be done with vanilla servers. The servers must be close together (in real life) to let the ping not differ more than 10 ms. And as last the max population of both servers must be the same as well. (so 200 people vs 200 people)

If a player is in the other server, his name will appear in red and his name can be seen from a further distance.

If you log out in the other server you will just stay where you are. If you log in before the time run out you will just go further where you ended. If you log in after the time run out you will just go to your own server with your inventory full. Everything that is not in your inventory after the portal period will stay in the other server (like buildings, boxes, stashes and their loot).

Because servers are separated from each other and because they have their own data log it will be quite hard to accomplish this. Still I know for sure that it is possible in a way with the current set of technology available. But yes; I know this is a hell of a job to build.

What I expect to happen:

  • Players will play more together.
  • Tactics are more needed.
  • A more dynamic gameplay, because smaller clans of your own server can betray you while playing against another server.
  • You are obligated to bring you resources to the other server causing you to be very cautious.
  • People will camp the portals to be sure that no one walks out with their loot. So that will need you either to stay where you are and to survive till the time run out or you have to be sure that you get cover from your own teammates.
  • You have to discover the other server as fast as possible, because otherwise you will run out of time.
  • Maybe every event you play against an other server.
  • You can build yourself a little house on the other server and raid that for even more stuff on your new server. Nevertheless; you can stay also on 1 server and collect the stuff there. But you have to be lucky to get in your second server, because the server vs server will be randomly chosen.
  • BP frags/books and stuff will be irrelevant soon, so let’s say that the XP system will be the same. If you go to the other server by portal, you will remain your XP and level.

Maybe it sounds very very dumb to you guys. If you think it’s very dumb, please say so. It was just an idea that I expect being a good idea. I really think this will add a whole other dimension to some servers and it will give some players for sure some additional fun in Rust. Please give your comment, and if you like it; please give some feedback about how you would like it even more.

Thank you for reading guys!:slight_smile:

This may sound like a good idea, however with most servers lagging out and horribly failling once you have 70+ players already on them, i can see this as a gaint lag fest. Also even an 8k map would be to small for something like this. As these people spawning in from other servers risk losing everything from the toxic community camping portals now, as portals would look so outta place and an easy pickoff target practice.

Eh I don’t think this is a good idea. Maybe in the future someone will make something like Minecraft’s Spigot Bungee where multiple servers can be linked together with a lobby and such but right now I don’t see this as a good idea.

Yup that’s why I thought it might be a good idea to place only servers with the same ping with each other. And maybe 200 vs 200 is not a so good idea, but 100 vs 100 might work, not? Thanks for your comment. First “no” is noted;)

I didn’t know Minecraft has such a function (never played minecraft tho). But within Rust I like the idea. Thanks for your comment man! Second “no” is noted:)

So, the short of it is: you want a server where one server can challenge another server?

Garry’s mindmap says something about this, so it may come to Rust one day

Great idea! It would be perfect… The only thing I would change is when the portal timer ends, and you haven’t gone through it, you become stuck on the other server and you can become ‘hunted’. The enemies will then know your location and you have to survive. Your team on your server can then re-activate the portal by taking the helicopter down and could get a power source? I don’t know, but that would be a good addition. But I can’t see this being added any time soon, possibly in the future.

Instead of a portal, people could show up in boats to make it like a D-day battle

Or possibly a helicopter? Helicopters come from the ocean, so it would be cool to fly one in the future.

damn you beat me to it!

Wow thanks guys for your comments! Maybe it is indeed a very good replacement to make boats instead of portals! That was something I didn’t thought about!

And I find it even more amazing that Gary has something that looks like this idea! I am looking forward! :slight_smile: