SUGGESTION: Silencer take on and off?

i think that it is stupid not been able to have the option of a silencer on or off as if you try to do something stealthy you ruin your m4 by adding the silencer so im thinking why not add something like click H to put silencer on or off as you can click F for flashlight and G for laser i think it would be good to have a option to take on and off the silencer.

All of the attachments should be removable and be able to be placed on other guns.

I agree the mods should be able to be taken off, however I actually like the silencer on the M4 even tho it reduced the damage. It makes it harder for them to figure out where the shots are coming from and I find it reduces the recoil significantly.

the silencer does not reduce damage or range, all it does is make it virtually single shot/burst (because of the recoil) therefore making it harder to hit the person so people think it does less damage. This is not COD it does not take any damage or range off the weapon.

Its does reduce the range and damage…

Where is the proof that it reduces damage? I’m legitimately curious because I’ve never seen/heard/or noticed reduced damage after putting on a silencer.

It just reduces range, not the damage. Saw a Rust mythbuster video where they tested it.

I haven’t tested it, but the description on the silencer says otherwise:

I also tried to find a pic of the description from inside the game but couldn’t as it states it will reduce the damage on the crafting screen

Can anyone comment who has tested damage with a m4 with and without it recently?

Silencers do not have an on/off button like a flashlight or laser does so I don’t see why it should have a key to enable/disable it.

Attachments should not be removable to use on other weapons, since the durability implementation we won’t have stockpiles of weapon mods from looting any more. In essence, the attachments have durability by proxy, through the durability of the weapon they are attached to. It doesn’t make sense to change the game so there’s LESS things you need to use resources for.

Also, silencers do not reduce weapon damage. They do however reduce weapon range.

Neat idea.
Even if it’s in the wrong section.