[Suggestion] Simple yet power changes to easily make this game closer to baseline and 100% more playable and enjoyable

Here is a few very simple changes that can be made to Rust Experimental to make it closer to baseline and make it very playable.

Besides general fps increase optimizations here is what should be done soon:

First I would adjust the weapons/tools to be slower and more balanced for combat ( this is a pvp game after all and combat even in early stages is what keeps rust interesting )

I will add tags to any change to help the devs/people understand what priority these changes should have. ( how important they are and easy they are to change )

Sound Changes:

Combat Changes:

Survival Changes:

Building Changes:

General Changes:

Death Changes:

I’m sure I will remember more but for now these very simple changes would easily make this game 100% better and more people would play on the 800+ servers that are up right now.

By the way if you need someone to help with these types of changes I could probably do it.

I find it funny how everything that involves designing, modeling, and rigging items is listed as easy

Your list contains several changes that go against the developer team’s clearly stated visions. For example “ownership based abilities” concerning buildings and penalties for “immoral behavior” (like killing people).

Furthermore I don’t understand in any way why a player should get an additional punishment for being killed. As if losing all your inventory (at best) wasn’t already bad enough. No… you want me to spawn with 50% health and half starved so that basically every wolf, bear or naked will kill me with one stroke, while I try to figure out where the heck I actually am because my only sleeping bag (a further TERRIBLE idea) has been destroyed? Sound’s like a great experience!

I hope no one will listen to such kind of suggestions.

A lot of good balance-related ideas here. Even if the values themselves weren’t set to your proposed levels, allowing servers to set the values would allow for some balancing to find the ‘right’ levels without requiring the developers to spend a lot of time tweaking them. The death ‘punishment’ ideas could be settable flags as well to similarly allow servers to tweak.

Don’t be discouraged by the ‘I don’t agree with one or two so I am dismissing the whole list’ posts you will get.

Unfortunately, the forums aren’t a great mechanism for discussing these individually.

Problem i have is you want to slow down the speed of a swing but that will make building take forever. It wont matter if it takes three hours to destroy a level 6 wall if it takes 2 to build one no one will bother with building them

Then make every ‘hit’ of the swing of the building hammer twice as effective?

building with a hammer even with reduced swing speed could be tweaked to be the same build time as now.

these values should be able to be set by server i agree.

about death penalties:

Dieing should mean more then losing a few stone/wood it makes it so people think twice about just trying to murder you or you just trying to murder them, its risk vs reward now.

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I assume rust has base models/rigs they can simply add the models/gibs onto.

Such as bone helmet needs to just be rigged easily just like all the other helmets, knife goes where spear goes, bone axe could be as simple as a stone axe reskinned to look like bone.

It does. If you’re carrying a key to your house, there goes your house if your killer can find it and unlock the door.

Oh, wait, everyone cried and whined like huge babies until combo locks were reintroduced. Never mind, it’ll have no consequences thanks to the community voluntarily shunning mechanics that have a chance of backfiring on you.

Most of these proposed changes are either not important to the devs to add at this time (and will often complicate their jobs), or they don’t even belong in this game.

So many if’s that this is hardly a convincing point towards it being a huge death penalty.

Most of these changes are simple variable tweaking changes that wouldn’t be hard to do, much less ‘don’t belong in the game’.

Hard to take your evaluation of them seriously when you haven’t even played experimental.

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the title itself says these changes are very simple but they will have a very large impact.

Yeah, I am agreeing with you.

most of these are in development, being used for stress testing, or not yet implemented. i agree with increasing the bow range, possibly even 300%, and its projectile speed; it’s very nerfed right now. i’m not keen on reducing the melee speed by anything but 50-100%, as swinging a bone knife isn’t hard, but can respect a small reduction in damage from melee attacks in general.

some of them i just wholeheartedly disagree with; penalties for dying being most obvious. a player who has been killed has already lost any gear they are carrying. they have possibly respawned at their sleeping bag, or its been destroyed and they are somewhere random. in the first scenario, they have woken up with a rock, being attacked. they have half health and penalties to strength and aim. they may as well be dead and elsewhere, because they now have literally everything stacked against them surviving a second encounter.

in the second scenario, they are now in the wild, with less health, less hunger and thirst, and reduced strength to defend themselves from the wildlife. this scenario i am less fussed by, but it does stack towards repeated deaths from misadventure, and an almost permanent debuff for a player who gets killed once while they try and find their house.

I find some ideas like balance changes to bows pointless right now if they plan to implement variations and upgrades in the future.

In order of priority, here is my list of changes that would make the game significantly more playable in the ongoing process of development.

  1. Make building components above level 2 immune to damage from wooden/stone tools
  2. Make building components above level 4 only susceptible to damage from high explosives (not currently in game).
  3. When a building component is destroyed, have the game check all adjacent components for whether they still have necessary supports in place; if they don’t, they are also destroyed.
  4. Require floors to be supported by side panels (walls, doorways, or windows) beneath at least two edges. Square floors must be supported by side panels on opposite (not adjacent) sides.
  5. Require the upper edge of stairs to connect to either the edge of a floor or the top edge of a side panel.
  6. Implement protective modifiers for clothing and armor.
  7. Allow meat to stack in inventory spaces (but not in campfires or furnaces).

yes and no. currently the tier 1 bow shoots like 10m in game, with massive drop off for the arrows; makes it practically worthless to use at all, whereas it was THE tier 1 ranged weapon for legacy.

i know there will be changes made, but i see the tier 1 bow balancing as a higher priority than introduction of tier 2 and 3 bows.

1 & 2 no thanks. i think as long as they are given appropriate amounts of health, if someone wants to try and hit a wall down with a rock it should not be penalised. and better tools do better damage, so practically speaking most people will use explosives for high level walls, picks for mid etc.

3 i think is coming in soon, they mentioned support physics . 4 & 5 wholeheartedly agree, but maybe implement pillars again to act as a support for balconies etc.

6 hell yes. on of the things short of baseline.

7 yes please. and make them usable from the hotbar.

I’m okay with that, provided they implement durability for tools (and perhaps even rocks) like they say they plan to do, meaning that you would have to replace your tool at least 1-2 times to bust through a mid-to-high level wall. It would at least prevent people from being able to break through by standing in front of a wall for half an hour with their left mouse button taped down.

agreed, definitely needing durability to balance things out a bit:)

Durability is a must imho.

I think Garry might be working on the support issue as we speak. He said in his twitter something about support sockets he had made for construction. I don’t know if it is just an unrelated interface, or an actual socket you would plug buildings in to to make them supported by one another.