[Suggestion] Singleplayer/offline mode?

Hello! I have been following this forum for a while, but i decided to register now to make a suggestion. I know that there is 1 thread about this already, but i decided to make a new one that is a bit different and hopefully gets some more attention.

I think there pretty many people who like Rust, like me, but can’t really play it so regularly as some other players and clans, because we have to go to work/school. That means we don’t necessarily have enough time to build a good enough base to protect ourselves from raiding, and gear up as well as some other players.

So what i’d suggest, is an offline/single player mode, similar to minecraft’s offline mode, that new players could learn the basics and build different bases and see which would be easiest way to do different things, and learn some locations while exploring the map. I don’t think it would cause any harm to any online players, or take too much time to add to the game, but it would make this game much more entertaining for us who don’t have much time or good enough pc’s to run this game competitively.

You could have the same commands as server admins, and you could do anything you want, with no fear of getting raided or server wipe. There should be a save system for the offline mode too, so your base stays there after quitting too. :slight_smile: Let me know what you think and thank you for taking the time to read this!

  • Friedhelm

Edit: I think a local server would be great too.

I think that the game, as is now, it’s amazing with multiplayer mode. A Singleplayer mode in this type of game is so boring…

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Should just play on a PvE server then

Hire your own server. White-list only your friends. Play together when you’re not at work or school. Build awesome villages and have fun.

I wish you could host your own server from your desktop too… It would be cool to have it only on LAN and you could manually update it when you felt like it.

Yes it is indeed great with multiplayer mode, but what harm would it cause to multiplayer players? And many people like i have spent hundreds of hours in minecraft’s offline mode, and i am still not bored. Of course this game doesn’t have mining ability or similar building, but i don’t see any reason why this shouldn’t be in the game.

I have not yet found a single pve server with no sleepers or regular wipes.

I don’t have any experience on renting and hosting servers, and i don’t really have too much workmates/friends to play this game with, and i am not that interested in paying regularly for a server that i don’t really have time to update and play in.

well there will be pve serves in the future.

Even if there will be pve servers, they are still going to get wiped sooner or later, and there is usually rules like “pvp 14-15:00” and there are raiders too.

Would somebody tell me why they disagree? What kind of harm would this cause to online players? Why not?I don’t think that this would be too hard to program either, i don’t know much about programming though.

I do not think we should start slowing down development for a single player mode, the game is multiplayer driven and that’s where the majority will play. The game just isn’t made the be played alone. it’s a hard core survival

a PvE server should be doable.

Rent a Server only to play single Player wouldnt be the best choice.

A Local Server on Desktop would be nice.
There is many discussions about private Server and yes,their are some which are very good.But their is an Stamp ,Local, so i think this would be nice.

Single Player or Local Host,for me its no different

Well like i earlier said, i don’t think this would be that hard to implement to the game. Of course i can be wrong. I’m not saying this should be added right now, more like when the game is out on steam and the most important bugs are fixed and the game is somewhat ready.