Suggestion: Slave collar


I was thinking their should be a slave collar item; when placed on players it would take away their ability to build or research, they would still be able to gather however.
The collar could be unlocked with a lock pick used by another non slave player. I was thinking their should also be a slave pen that acts as a slaves sleeping bag, so the slaver
can place one and when a slave dies/ suicides they re spawn within the pen. you could change ownership of slaves by changing the code of the collar to match the code on the specific pen door.
To limit fresh spawn slavery their would be a 3 hour exclusion time in which collars could not be placed on a player new to the server.

i was thinking this would help further role play within the game as well as give another mechanism for trade.


You are a very disturbed person…

Dude wtf are you talking about? :wink:

but its such a long human tradition :wink:

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im not saying i agree with slavery. just I’ve seen people do worse and it is a post apocalyptic game :P. Fallout games etc

you have issues.

Do you really think people would be happy to be your slave and live in a pen? Never going to happen bud.

people already are bandits why not slavers, then you can have refuge forts etc. im not suggesting it cause i want to be a slaver. i am suggesting because if their are slavers their will be groups that counter them. it would be part of the experience, trying to escape slavery to find a friend who would unlock it for you. you could attack slave camps and free them etc.

you’re suggesting it because you want to be a slaver. why would you suggest something if you don’t want to partake in it?

Or maybe they want to be a slave! This is the internet, afterall.

File this one under “How to make everyone stop playing Rust in 3 days”.

It would require fine balancing to even get slaves in the first place, then to keep them, but also give each slave a fair chance of being able to escape. I get the idea, and it’s not a bad one, I just don’t see many people actually enjoying it. And do you think slaves will go out and collect wood for you?

oh i like to build towns with friends and trade, slavers mean better organized enemies that will try to take more than just you things. Some bandits might be not be as bad as you think as they may attack slavers too. so instead of bandits and farmers you would have bandits, farmers and slavers. im kinda of surprised people are so opposed it not a personal belief in slavery i just thought it would add to a world in which people beat each others head in with rocks; i play games for the experience, you don’t win all the time, especially not in rust but half the fun it bouncing back after your fortress has been destroyed etc.

How pissed would you be then if a group of bandits found out where your base is, enslaved you and then took their time raiding your entire base?

well it would be an investment you would have to guard them while they gathered but yeah its all good i think my suggestion was not appreciated so never mind. maybe its just Australian server’s but you have people imposing tolls en mass destroying bases or anything reasonably killable, alot of kos etc. i thought it would fit in.

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i had hackers that flew to the top of our 11x15 metal base and aim botted and c4ed their way through it, we just reported them and built another one. i guess i just like the challenge of trying to escape and come back and get revenge

I think most people would, once enslaved, just move to a different server.

you’re probably right… oh well

Here’s the thing: It’s less that people are opposed to it because “eww slavery is bad!”

It’s that, as a gameplay mechanic, it completely ruins the concept of player freedom. If you are a slave, you probably aren’t having any fun, and you likely are stuck inside your slave pen, doing nothing, most of the time.

Is that actually a game? It sounds like a chatroom with a 3D FPS interface and very strange roleplaying rules.

Why would I ever stay someone’s slave? I’d log off and go play on a different server where I could actually play Rust as opposed to sit around and take orders from someone else.

There’s something you need to understand about Rust, and you clearly don’t. One of the most major elements of Rust is that the devs want players to have as little artificial structure imposed on them as possible. They want to maximize player freedom instead of setting tons of rules, so that players can develop their own structure.

This is garry’s blog post on the matter.

Being able to control another player’s gameplay with a slave collar is completely the opposite of what the devs want. If you are going to keep slaves and hold them in pens, they first must be complicit (otherwise they just log off and find a server that doesn’t ruin their fun), and you’ll have to do all the work yourself. You’ll have to herd them into the pen and then close the door behind them. You’re responsible for giving them food and fireplaces. You’re responsible for keeping track of them in case you let them out to help you harvest resources. If they escape, there is no magic button you can click to remotely kill them by detonating their collar, you have to go find them and either make them walk back into their pen, or you kill them.

OP, you may want to play this instead of Rust.

yeah … i know message received, im sorry folks. i hope they at least bring in a trade system and resource scarcity so you can trade resources between regions.

You can already trade. Nothing is stopping you from walking up to another player and trading.