[Suggestion] Sleepable sleeping bags

Currently starting out in the game can be quite difficult for new players, especially once it gets late in the evening to early morning because of the Cold status effect which drops your calories extremely fast. You currently have one option if you’re just starting out to remedy this and that is to light a camp fire which can very easily give away your location to other players and lead to a swift death given that you have nothing to protect yourself. I think it would be a useful feature for players to be able to actually lay inside of sleeping bags to keep them warm, therefor helping them better survive the night without alerting other people of their location.
Of course, doing this would require a bit of a change in how certain resources are gathered (cloth in particular). My idea for that is to remove cloth from animals and to add a new object and resource into the game(like cotton or something) that can be harvested and then crafted into cloth.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think it’s a good idea, bad idea? How could it be better?

I think it has potential but would be very complicated to implement. I think there are too many variables for it to be a reality imho.

It really wouldn’t be complicated at all. The hardest part of adding it would be to add a new animation for sleeping in the bag.
The rest would just be adding a new object, a new item, and a new crafting option.

Idk about that, but Garry has said he wants it so that when you logg your character is sleeping in his sleeping bag.

Spot on, I agree with this 100%. It makes the game harder overall but gives an opportunity for newbies to get on the same playing field as the rest.