Suggestion: Sleeping

I won’t go over the conflict between simulating reality vs. actual reality (not being able to play 24/7) again, but my suggestion is this:

Have players disappear from the servers like they used to at some fixed time after they log out - say 5 hours. This stops combat logging as it does now, and allows people to offline raid you within that 5 hour window, but it also means people can go away for a day or two without returning as a fresh spawn, as they’re almost guaranteed to do now.

Good idea

Sounds better than the moronic implementation they have in place right now. Best thing about sleeper servers is when the servers get DDOS’d and you aren’t anywhere near a place thats safe to log out. Its hilarious :downs:

I Agree, even if its just like 1 hour it would be fine cus it would be enough time to raid someone if they combat log.

This is a really good idea, base degrading will still happen, but you won’t die because you simply can’t play.

it doesn’t address the issue of hoarding your stuff and logging out, really. if you aren’t there to defend your home, why should some mechanic be put in place to keep your stuff safe? or rather, if you can’t build a strategic defense for raiders, why should a mechanic be put in place to hold your hand for you? it’s supposed to be a difficult game, from my understanding…

Please tell me what strategic defense you can build with the current game assets that could protect your base for a day without you present to defend it.

The idea here is that folks can’t play 24-7. For those of us with jobs, wives, kids, etc. the sleeper mode basically means we have to start over just about every time we play.

Throw in the fact that servers go down randomly for hours on end, the sleeper mechanism is a huge kick in the balls.

Don’t play Sleeper mode if you have a life. It’s more like a difficulty setting then anything else. you take the risk or lose it all.

I agree this is brilliant idea, Better then what was going on before

Its all about the eye of the beholder, some people see sleepers as a good thing and some see it as a bad thing.

Personally I see what they’re trying to do but, I don’t agree with the execution. Just saying, “oh hey guess what you can never go back to real life because if you do, your about as vulnerable as an ant crawling alongside a busy sidewalk” That is just plain stupid in my opinion.

duke2’s plan is a little bit better but still 5 hours is a long time, over the duration of playing the game for about 6 hours one time, we had people try and raid us more that 4-5 times. So that would mean my character would be there just waiting to get killed all because I had to go to work…

Sadly I don’t think this “Sleeper” thing is the way to go about it at all, I would think a more realistic approach would be to use a combat timer (yes like DayZ, I said it) therefore you couldn’t run behind a hill and exit the game while getting shot at, or you would loose everything. I know that doesnt stop someone who hasnt been in combat for awhile to pack up all his stuff before he longs out, but the whole “Sleeper” thing is just not the way to go about it

I don’t think many folks realize that ALL the servers are running in sleeper mode now, even the ones that don’t say they are sleeper servers.

You already answered the reason why I don’t think Garry will ever be removing sleeper.

If my friends and I can pack up the house every night before logging off preventing anyone from getting our stuff then there would be a problem.

I can’t see any other solution besides sleepers.

Smaller personal inventories. Solved that problem for you.

This *still *doesn’t stop you from taking out all your items from your boxes/storage and just logging out forever with them, nor does it stop people who use alts to store items on them like a sort of back-up ‘bank’.

We do need sleepers.

Sleeper mode is no longer optional. It’s on all servers as far as I know.

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The point is that this mechanic doesn’t kick in until some time later. It completely eliminates combat logging. The idea that you are obligated to play to even stand a chance is really obnoxious.

Unless the inventory has 5 spaces or less then it won’t stop this problem.

Why would anyone use C4 to get into a house just to loot some wood? Obviously the owners of the house have already taken all the guns etc, 5 spaces with 5 people is 25 spaces, thats already too many spots for guns etc.

It takes very little time to get some wood and make a small house and a door, its very unlikely anyone is going to break into it leaving you many days to get some metal etc for a metal door.

The only way this wouldn’t work is if a server has a 100% probablity that all houses big and small will get raided every 24 hours, this is very far from the truth.

On a sleeper server where you’re going to get loot, the likely hood of getting raided goes way up. In about a week I might throw up a poll to see how many of us have had to start again due to getting offline raided (and killed).

Also, the idea that people don’t get raided every 24h is very optimistic indeed. I know from experience on both ends that once a player (or his house) is known for containing good loot, it will be revisited on a frequent basis, essentially wiping out each days progress. With this sleeper system, said wipe-out is complete, not just overflow that you can’t stick in your inventory.

I love sleepers but i agree not everyone should be forced to play it, i know backpacks have been suggested already, so why not make inv much smaller as suggested like only your hotbar (less id say even then that) but have backpack compensate for it by it adding the inventory, but you can’t logout with backpack (it drops on ground upon logout but can be retrieved when you return.)

I like but don’t like it.
Whilst it helps with combat logging and people logging out with their loot if something comes up in a hurry and you’ve gotta log out reasonably quickly you’re boned. I have a baby and I get called away during gaming sessions many, many times. Even if you’re carrying a shack and a door, someone will likely see you in there asleep and smash the shack meaning you can pretty much guarantee that inventory load is gone.

It isn’t a very casual-friendly game as it is, and unfortunately there’s no way to tell if you’re logging because you have a life outside of rust, or you’re combat logging, so I don’t know what the solution is there.