[Suggestion] Slight Modification to Sleeper System

The function of “sleeper” is quite an interesting feature. On the one hand, you invoke realness: You can’t just grab your stuff and “disappear” (ie; disconnect) if someone is knocking on your door. On the other hand, if someone were to knock on your door while you were asleep, wouldn’t you think you’d wake up?

My suggestion is to create the ability for servers to set sleeper “hours”. Essentially, the server can set an arbitrary hour limit that a sleeper stays around for. Be it one hour, two hours, four, eight, etc; Let the server owner/community decide. When the timer is fulfilled, your character “disappears” in game.

This would would bring the sleeper functionality closer to realism: Characters obviously wouldn’t sleep forever. They might be out, searching for goods, etc, and serves as a form of protection for your character while still giving other players a chance to find and loot you.

I figured it was going to be something along the lines of this anyway.

But that requires more work and everyone knows garry is the most enthusiastic coder around

Someone mentioned to me that there shouldn’t be a “middle ground”: Either you play on a sleeper server or you don’t.

I still think introducing a sleeper time would be highly beneficial, and again, this would be up to the server owner/community-of-that-server to decide on whether to use a timer and what the length of time is.

I don’t know how easy it is to mod servers in this game, but something tells me it would be a fairly easy mod to pull off.

LOL so true. love you garry

This seems like a good idea at first, but you have to remember that this also allows for people to make ‘bank’ alts, where they can store all their most valuable stuff, log out, and then disappear after your suggested time limit.

I can’t really make sense of your post, sorry, but what I think you might be talking about is already going on with no sleeper servers.

Agreed. A bank alt would make no sense, because it would get killed within the time limit anyway.