[Suggestion] Some suggestions...

  1. Add a North Star for night navigation
  2. Add a normal and glow in the dark compass
  3. Add thirst as it’s the most important factor in any survival situation
  4. Remove all guns apart for the most primitive perhaps
  5. Add spears
  6. Add robust shutters for windows (wood and metal)
  7. Add fatigue after running long distances
  8. Don’t add vehicles… Keep it real!!!
  9. Add weather and seasons based upon 365 day temperate climate
  10. Add server PvP controls (as some servers seem to like a peaceful existence)

I disagree with 4 and 8. The game still needs modern things in it, like guns (even though they will be rare later on) and vehicles to travel far distances (which will be 4x the size as the current play area).

Same disagree with 4 and 8

I thought cars were real o.O I’m sure that what I use to get to work.

Maybe split servers based on demand? Do some oldschool that limit the advanced weapons as well as vehicles…

I could agree with this, let the server owners choose what is enabled on it.

I second this as well. Either all on OP’s list except for 4 and 8 or go with Rued’s idea. Have options on what features to include on a server. Even if its simple things like a pure free build no hunger thirst etc.

I would add this…

1)Add weight factor to avoid cow-players… 129018293 items and go as fast a car.
2)Make more rustic guns & not modern weapon like M4,P250,M9,shotgun,…make it less harmful & accurate like hand cannon & pipe rifle.
3)Add shields to cover from arrows (Rustic ones).
4)Add the option to give permision to people so they can use your door (Panel Control).
5)Remove or something to recycle items like pilars and that things made from you.

Maybe the ability to hold a torch on the left hand and be able to use 1 handed items, so instead of a glow in the dark you can use the torch.

maybe not full on cars, but they should add like crappy bikes and horses

i agree good ideas
as for vehicles dont be stupid and add choppers etc this isnt bf
horses is a good thing if this is gonna be a survival game after an apocaplyptical thing

Oh they are gonna add choppers that kill people and destroy buildings.


I do not agree with the movement speed change but just a weight limit and if you pass that you do get slowed encumbered. Maybe have a persistent stat on the server you’re on to increase your strength. The reason why I say this is being some players just go out their forage naked to not risk their good items. Someone with kevlar could come up kill you take your stuff and just go back to their local home with little risk. I may be wrong with how this could turn out but that’s my outlook. It will promote more camping and less adventuring.

  1. Dye cloths.