[Suggestion] Spears should be able to be thrown with secondary attack

I don’t understand why they don’t add this option. Title says it all. The only reason right now to build a stone spear is to activate bear traps.

I feel like we could use a little more love for lower tier like the bone knife and wood/stone spear. The worst part about trying to get new people to play this game with me is that nobody wants to spend 30 minutes chasing animals to be able to make a sleeping bag and meet up with friends. I would love it if we could throw the spear by secondary attacking so that you actually have a chance at catching the insanely fast animals.

I think it would add a whole lot more enjoyment to the early game and pvp if the equipped spear could be thrown and picked back up again, with a small chance of it breaking like with arrows.

Plus imagine how awesome it would be to see low level raiders using more than just the bow all the time.

“Throwing” is on the mindmap.

i have often chased an animal from one side of the map to the other, there have been some very crazy, erratic chases but i do enjoy the pursuit especially chasing pigs, i don’t why but soon as i hear them squeal i burst out laughing and yell “RUN LIL PIGGY RUN!” and the chase is on.
That said throwing spears has been in the works for awhile we breathlessly await its foretold arrival.

Rust hunting is made in hell of a good way, not much game made animals to have fatigue.

yep though still room for improvement, such as animals running up cliffs or through rocks and deep in to the water. Once they get these sorted, fix some of the animal animations, like the wolf trying to hug me(even change the wolf skin) and ti should be close to perfect.