[Suggestion] Sprint

A sprint button; you can walk, run, you should be allowed to have a sprint to push up to your limits, consuming many calories and dehydrating. When changing from walking to running, it should be a smooth acceleration; you should gain speed fast just sprinting. Following somebody could become much more interesting and breath taking.

i sort of agree. have found that i always play with forward and run double bound to w, since the maps are huge, and i’m impatient. i’d love to see the base walk speed increased (for forward movement at least), and it would make sense for sprint/run given a time limit and more speed than the it currently has.

who even walks in this game? Why not just remove walking and make W run and shift Sprint.

i walk a lot, also in crouch mode to be sneaky.

thinking again at sprint described above, there should be a timer, so if you run sprinting too much you become tired, otherwise people would run the map with shitloads of food, Sonic style.

Thinking about it, and it is a fkin great idea. Chases would end really fast if you are close enough to the guy you are chasing. He would have to stop to pump up, and thats his end of his life, as eating could be done while walking.

And preventing health-style pumping would be solved like Cst described, though distant chases would not be shorter. Both of ya has fatigue, there is chance only if one of you has a lot more of food or lot less fatigue.

gameplay would become super intense with this variable.

I would crouch walk a lot more if the sound effects were actually harder to hear. I don’t think I’d like three different movement keys though. Increasing the current move speed would be enough I think