Suggestion: Storage Box


So, just wanted to know what would you think about my lil’ idea, please do elaborate even if you don’t like it. Be kind :slight_smile:

Anyways, my main problem in the game is about preserving my goods, how so?
since I have to work and I can only play at week-ends, whenever I try to make a base or storage boxes, (due to decay) next week-end eveything it already gone long time :D.
But somehow, occasional players like myself should be able to at least protect his goods (not even speaking about base)
In order to do so, do you think it could be possible to craft a ‘‘strong’’ box (with maybe a lock system) that will resist more than, lets say, 2 weeks?

It is not a perfect idea ofc, so please pitch in and let’s try to find something that could work.
My aim is to find a way to protect at least some of the goods of non-grinding/no-life gamers.


(and no, I am not french)

For the moment, the best way is to simply log out with as much as you can in your inventory. If we go the route of having these strong boxes then i believe it will kill the point of raiding bases.

I see your point but don’t you think it could work if everyone has the right to have only one box (per server) so he could have some extra slots ?

As I said it is very hard when you can play the game only 1-2 days a week. Of course players that play a lot more time should have lots of advantage, but we could at least give some “resistance” to lone and occasional players.

Thanks for the comment btw

i think its a good idea i have school football rugby boxing and just kicking back with my mates so i hardly ever have time for the game and this would help alot for those who play even less

get a life ^^

Unless something isn’t working right (EU is mashed, I’m talking about US) All deployables should only decay after 12 hours if placed on terrain, If they’re placed in a structure they will only decay when the actual structure component underneath them completely decays and destroys itself

Good to know, thanks!