Suggestion - Swords versus firearms

I thought alot about the fact that every rust player I know always try to get an assault rifle as fast as he can. And from that time on all the cool melee weapons are nearly useless.
I wrote many posts about linear tech progression, making firearms uncraftable and more uncommon. And so on.

But today I had another idea to compensate things a little bit… weapon jamming.

As you look at the firearms in rust you can see that they are pretty improvised and primitive processed. Such a kind of weapon, especially if its full auto, would be predisposed for malfunctions.
If that happens, the weapon could make a special noise like “clack-clack”… and then its time for melee combat.

…or it’s time to just press another key and use the spare weapon.
Weapons are too common. Their Blueprints however, are pretty rare which is a good thing. If weapons were as rare as their blueprints, you might see more melee combat.

Talking about rarity of blueprints: I played 2 weeks until my server got wiped. I found 1 Bolt action bp, 1 custom smg bp, about 3 revolver bps, 1 semi auto pistol bp and 6 or more timed explosive charge bps.

Today I opened a barrel and the first thing I get is the timed explosive charge bp. Why is this blueprint so common?

EDIT: I know I was a little off topic. Weapon jamming makes sense for those improvised weapons. The question is how real has rust to get? I always thought dayz was trying to simulate and rust was more like a comic-style distant relative of dayz.