[Suggestion] Taking blueprints off global, into Rust itself

So I’ve been following the whole discussion on the blueprints thing and being able to buy/trade global blueprints on Steam Market.

There’s been a lot of arguments against it and to be honest the most important one to me personally is that it’s not good for the immersion of Rust to take this kind of player to player interaction outside the game.

So my suggestion is simple:
Why not take the whole blueprints thing away from global?
Just like in the previous Rust where we’d have blueprints locally per server and people would trade for that. For example person A will trade a kevlar vest BP for 2k wood from person B.
I know Rust legacy in this regard wasn’t perfect either but the foundation of the trading in Rust itself was way more natural and fitted the game much better imo.

I just don’t understand where the whole global blueprint idea came from, it doesn’t make any sense for Rust in my opinion, even if Garry finds a way to implement it in a balanced way.

I really feel like I’m missing something though (because Garry’s fucking editing dev blogs now -.-) so do enlighten me if I do.

In the current idea i think it is still possible to trade server blueprints ingame. You can find an explanation on http://www.rustafied.com/updates/2014/10/18/a-few-words-about-blueprints

That does clear up a few more things thanks.