[suggestion] team identity item

many player killing their team because rust character have few identity

so it would be better if there is anything for identity team

eg. customizable item (helmet symbol, shirt dying, flag)

Given how the community knocked signs out of the park, flags would be a next logical step. Imagine the fun of finishing off a successful raid with stealing their banner (to hang on your wall) and replacing it with yours when you move in.

How about being able to see people’s name tag who are on your steam friends list from a greater distance? Maybe make the text green or something?

I hate having to run up to people and being in kissing range before I realize they aren’t friendly!

The banner idea sounds pretty cool actually, could make it an official clan or something.

Mount’n blade style fuck yeah.

What are those red dots?

I like the idea of adding custom dyes to armour etc etc, I just imagine it now…

A hord of men Charing into battle with giant penis costumes on

Would be easier to simply have no pants… Thats rust bro.

Think of the implications though! Even bigger Willys just what rust needs

One thing you will ever be able to customize on your character will be dingilidongilis.

They’re already working with customizable clothing, no need to rush it

lol me too

if i’m playing solo , then someone is comming to me, i just shot to kill him

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that is “SHP” mark