Suggestion Thread [Keep it Reasonable] Will Be Updated

Hello everyone! Updated December 23rd. (Sorry for the update delay, things have been kind of busy lately)

I am not sure if this thread goes here, but I made this thread to be sort of a suggestion thread for everyone to use. If I have the time, I will read through this thread when people post their suggestions. I will then edit this post to show what people have already, or most frequently have suggested.

Just make sure to keep your suggestions reasonable. Nothing like “I want to build a tank!” . This a survival game.

Anyway, I first started playing this, it reminded me alot of a Mount and Blade mod i used to play called Persitant World. Like Rust, up to 200 players could play on the server. There was technically no good guys or bad guys, your objective was to make a living, whether it be by crafting, gathering, fighting, etc. And once you died you would loose everything (unless you put your money into the bank of course). I have link to the mod here if you want to check it out. It can be equally frustrating and fun, just like RUST XD .…ev0r9f579m1ed5

To make things easier, here is a table of contents. *When you see the phrase (Open to Debate), that means I have heard some valid arguments for or against a suggestion.

-Different character models
-Plant Gathering

-Show “Harvested” Tree
-Showing Damage or Health of Structures
-Stone Structures
-Dyes for clothing and other items
-Banner/Flag Pol****es/Signs (updated December 23rd)
-Wood and Metal Corbel Beams
-Letting Other People Access To Doors/Gates
-Metal Axe
-Maps and Compasses
-Cooking Pot For Firepit
-Add Smoke to Air Drops
-Attic Doors/Trap Doors (edited December 18th)
-Barb Wire
-Shutters for windows
Local Type Chat: (Added December 23rd)
Player Character “Shouts/Taunts”: (Added December 23rd)

Submitted Suggestions

-Research Low Quality Metal (edited December 18th)
-Traps: (added December 18th)**
-Floor matting:** (added December 18th)
-Reinforced metal/wood:: (updated December 23rd)
**Identifiable Landmarks/ers: **(Added December 23rd)
Character Stats: (Added December 23rd)
Identifying Players From A Distance: (Added December 23rd)
Nerf C4 (open to debate): (Added December 23rd)
Farming (open to debate): (Added December 23rd
Type and Run at the Same Time: (Added December 23rd)

Now, I know the game is in Alpha, so there are bound to be ALOT of changes as time goes on. These are just some changes that I think alot of people would agree with.
**-Different character models:**Most likely this will be changed. The people do not have to choose their character models, it can be at random by the game. It would help add diversity into the game, and it would cut done on friendly fire.

**-Plant Gathering: **Plant gathering could be used for several things. Food. Medicine. Clothing. Paper. Dyes. Poison (poison arrows?). Etc. It would really help to enhance the “survival” experience. Now, obviously some of these will have to be researched first. The issue though I guess is how they will be harvested. It would look rather silly to hit a but with a rock. Perhaps a variety of knives could be introduced to harvest them. Such as stone or metal knives.

-Show “Harvested” Trees: Now this may not be a big issue, but it might be a nice touch. In the mod, Persistent World (see above) you could harvest trees. When you would harvest them, you would get a mix of branches and wood blocks (Personally, I dont think this NEEDS to be added, but it would be a nice touch). Each would be used to craft different items. Also when the trees were completely harvested, the trees would fall down. Over time, they will slowly regrow. Now, I understand trees in Rust regen MUCH faster, so it would be pretty silly looking to constantly see trees sprouting from ground like weeds. Instead, to show a tree has been harvest, the texture can change, such as a section chopped off. Kind of like what a tree looks like after a beaver chews it. It would be a good way to indicate to players what trees have been harvest so they dont have waste their energy.


Showing Damage or Health of Structures: Ok. I am not sure about this one. Adding some kind of “health bar” to every object would take away some of the “realistic” experience. Perhaps more textures can be added to indicate damage/degradation. Or perhaps a text can appear at the bottom of the screen saying “the structure looks solid” or “the structure seems unstable”. Just a thought.

Stone Structures: This would also be nice. Stone structures can be stronger than wood, but weaker than metal. They can last longer than wood structures, but do not stay up forever (like metal ones). Know, ALOT of stone would be required to make the structures. Stone walls, Stone Foundations, Stone Pillars. There would be no stone ceilings, only wood ceilings. This would give the players incentive to continue to collect resources.

Dyes for clothing and other items: This goes back to different character models. It would be nice if clothing could be dyed different colors. You could gather plants, rocks, or other items to create the dyes. Then you would just mix the dye with your clothing. This way, it would be easier to identify people. Cut back on friendly fire. I mean, people could start making simple uniforms. XD

Banner/Flag Poles/Signs: Alright, this is just for aesthetic reasons. There would be alot of times I would be lost, even with I see structures. Having different flags would make identifying bases/towns and locations much easier. This would also make it easier for raiders to determine which base, town they would like to raid (easier coordination). Limitations should be placed on it though. We dont want flags popping up everywhere. They can require ALOT of cloth to make. Also, they could be placed only on certain structures, such as gates or door frames. Dyes can be added to them to them to make them different. They could also be different shapes (it could be random or player chosen). Below are some examples. The signs can have small notes. Nothing too big. Lastly, maybe to prevent sign spamming, they will require paper, wood, and a work bench to make. They can say “no trespassing”, or “Out for now, meet at hanger”, etc.


Wood and Metal Corbel Beams/Trusses/Kneebraces: If you dont know what a Corbel Beam is, look at the image below. These would do two things to help players in the game. Lets say someone wants to make some of a patio. Instead having to use lots of wood/metal to make a foundation and some pillars, they can make a few corbels. This would allow players to save materials. Also, it would add more variety into the styles of buildings.


Letting Other People Access To Doors/Gates: Ok, this would be a tricky one. The person who made the gate will have to enter a command (by pressing F1) to allow someone to use the game. Or perhaps the player entering can type a password of some sort (I know it maybe silly, but I am just running suggestions). Also, another thing that could be used are skeleton keys. They would open up any door (not gates) and could only be used once. Also, the player would not have infinite access to that door. Once the key is used, that is it. If he/she shuts the door after entering the building then the door locks again. They would be only found on zombies (very rarely). Or, the blue prints would be very difficult to find, it would require some difficult/rare materials, and it would take a while to make. You would not carry groups of them. Each Key would take up a single slot in the inventory.

Metal Axe: I know that there is the pick axe. A metal Axe would not only harvest wood from stockpiles and trees faster, but MORE as well. It could also be used as a weapon. It would have to be researched and require a workbench.

Rain: Rain would add a whole new element to survival to the game. When it is raining a character can get wet. This could lead them to getting cold even though it is the day time. If it is night time and raining, they have the chance of getting sick. If the player is wet, they will become dry over time, but standing by a fire will dry them off faster. Clothes could either prevent players from getting wet or the speed they get wet slows depending on the clothing. It would add a whole incentive to make a shelter.

Maps and Compasses: These would be paper maps. They would not function as GPS devices. The maps would function just like a paper map. It will show they area, but it will not show players locations. It would have to be researched and require a work bench. Or you can only get them from air drops and then can be researched (I would assume the people flying the plain would have some kind of map XD ). Optionally, players can “mark” on the maps. They can put symbols on it such as “firepit” or “town”, etc. Compasses would simply say which direction is north. It would help the player get their bearings. Also difficult to get. They would either be get from zombies, supply drops, and can be researched. Or having the map on the rust wiki (the one that shows the names of all the sections of the map) to be in game would be nice.

Cooking Pot For Fi****repit: Cooking Pots would cook food faster and fire would not use as much wood as the result. Also, this could lead to cooking recipes, such as soups. This also brings up the issue on the kinds of food. I know it is still in Alpha, but having every animal drop “Raw Chicken Breasts” is kind of silly. Simply put, the name should be changed to something like “Raw Meat.” Or different animals should drop different kinds of meat. Each kind of meat would have a variety of properties, such as cook time and calories, etc.

Add Smoke to Air Drops: Maybe it is just me personally, but I have yet to find a single airdrop. What do you guys think of having the airdrops having smoke when they land? The good thing is that they would be easier to find. The bad thing is that well, they would be easier to find FOR EVERYONE. This could cause some serious blood shed. Once they are emptied, the smoke will stop.

Lanterns: Lanterns could be used to light up areas. They could be put down or carried. They are like a torch but last longer, can be refilled with low grade fuel, and light up a greater area. They could even be different “functions” such as opening and closing a flap to focus the light like a flash light. They would have to be researched. And would require Low Grade Metal (or Metal Scraps), Cloth and Low Grade Fuel to make.

Attic Doors/Trap Doors: Once again, this could add variety and help save resources to structures. Instead of having to make a completely separate stair way with another foundation and pillars. Players can just add it to a ceciling. Perhaps they can make a stairwell to access it. They can also be used as peep holes to drop stuff on raiders. They could use a cobel beam to make an overhang on their door (see above). I am not sure on the idea of trap doors, or traps in general. It would make a whole new element survival. They would have to be researched. Perhaps require a special tool (like a shovel or pick axe) to make. They could have spikes on the bottom or not. The spikes would not kill the players, but would cause them to bleed. Also the pit could be deep enough so the players can get out. However, players can get out by using…


Ladders: Again, would save resources for players and could make more variety to structures in the game. They do not have to be researched. Like sleeping bags, they can be picked up by the player. They do not require a foundation. Ladders could be stood upright if it is on a pillar or leading to an attic door. I am not sure if they should be placed on barricades or Spikes walls. However, if players make a regular wall to defend themselves, bandits can use the ladders to get over the walls. However players can stop this by using…

Barb Wire: Bar can be placed on the ground or on top of structures. Players can combine wood/stone/metal walls and barbwire so that the barbwire is ontop of the wall. This will prevent people with ladders from getting over.

Shutters for windows: Once again, perhaps not necessary, but it would be a nice touch. Players can make shutters so that people with ladders can access their buildings with ladders. They can be either wood or metal. There does not have to be glass. The shutters can be destroyed and they are weaker than doors. Also, people can barely (or not at all) see through the shutters. In door to the defender or the bandit to hit shot one another, the shutters must be open.

Local Type Chat: It would be nice if there was some sort of local or near by chat ability. This would be good for all players. You would no longer have to worry about people waiting to ambush you when you say “We will go to the hanger” in the chat. Also, raiders will not have to worry about the defenders reading there plans for a raid.

Player Character “Shouts/Taunts”: If there were some kind of “shouts” or “taunts” that player characters could say or do would help with quick communication. A character could say something like “Hello!”, “I’m friendly”, “Help!”, “follow me!”, etc. They would be very similar to the shouts in the Counter Stike games.


Research Low Quality Metal (Being subject to debate) see link Making Low Quality Metal research instead of having access in the very beginning could change the gameplay signifacantly. People would not able to build m9 pistols. This could decrease the amount of raiding, but it will also put those who do have guns with a significant advantage. Instead, they would have to rely on bows, hand cannons, and pipe shotguns. However, since this is a resource, i would imagine finding the blueprints should be relatively easy.

Traps: Traps can be used in all sorts of ways. Bandits could use metal bear traps to trap unsuspecting players. While Defenders can make door spike traps for people who try to forcibly enter their home. They are activated when the door is forcibly openned. Both would have to be one shot items. Though they could be reset by anyone (that would be a dirty trick to pull). Both would require research.

Floor matting: Ability to dampen steps in house, connected matting makes it impossible to plant walls (prevent griefing if someone gets inside placing walls etc. in areas you want to be open) - requires cloth/leather?

Reinforced metal/wood: upgrade to existing housing panels to require more explosives to blow through, making door labyrinths more useful. Would still degrade over time but take longer, too. Would require research. Metal frame can be place on existing wooden frame so that the wall does not need to be taken down. This would also be help for players who want to switch there wooden doors to metal ones. Instead having to destroy their own wooden door, they can just place it where their current wooden door is.

Identifiable Landmarks/ers: Personally, I think this will be changed as the map changes. There could be signs in front of towns or facilities so that everyone can identify. Also, there could be more identifiable geographical landmarkers? These can be a very unique rock formations, ponds, swamps, fallen trees, a crash site. Also, this may sound silly, but can some of the mountains in the distance (preferably one of them) be snow capped. I often here players tying to give direction by saying “follow the big pointed mountain). But that is very confusing. Or, their can be a North Star?

Character Stats: Basic stats page that contains information such as how many hours alive, time of last death, distance travelled etc.

Identifying Players From A Distance: It can be kind of hard to ID some players when far and I have no problem with hiding the name because it help avoiding being easily spotted. But if you aim at the guy let’s say for 5 second more or less, the name should appear as long as you keep aiming. Or the possibility to create a trusted list which would spot the name right away when aiming at the player. It’s just something that could help avoiding shooting your friendly neighbor or your own buddies that just came to say hi. Just any way to ID a player would help, I rather go with no names over the head but with the current situation you almost need to sniff the other’s butt in order to recognize it. Perhaps this could also be used with binoculars as well.

Nerf C4 (open to debate): I have heard alot of complaints about the use of C4. That it should not be as powerful or should use more resources to make. Personally, I like the idea of using more resources rather than decreasing the power of C4. (Personal Note: I dont have that much experience with building metal doors. The one time I did, it was blow up by C4 soon after, but that was only once). Personally, in recent games, I have not heard that many explosions or blast damage. So I am assuming with the new update that C4 has changed some how. What do you guys think?

Farming/Growing Food (open to debate): Farming would allow people to set up bases easier in remote locations, or in locations that do not have resources (the north end of the map for example). As a result, people would use more of the map rather than say concentrated in certain areas. I am not sure on how big these “farms” should be. They could be the size of a wood shelter. Or they can be just a single bush or plant. Farmers will have to worry about people seeing food from the farm/plants they created. However, I have heard that if farming were to be added a whole new kind system would be needed. Would they need water? How would the seeds be aquired? Also, another arguement I have heard is that the game would be too muh like Minecraft. I know the game is inspired by it, but right now it feels completely different from minecraft. This is a much more effencice now on “surviving” rather than “managing”. Every time I go out of my hut/community for resources I know it is a big risk. I dont feel that threat in on minecraft servers, because I know I have plenty of food waiting for me at my base.

Type and Run at the Same Time: Another thing that would be helpful for all players. Allowing players to run/walk/crouch and type in chat at the same time would make communication and player movement much easier. Players being chased will not have to stop and type “help I am being chased.” The same thing goes to players doing the chasing, so they can tell their friends where a player is going.

-Okay guys, sorry for such the long article. These are my ideas of some features that could/should be added. Feel free to say which ideas you like or dislike. I will edit the post to indicate what ideas players like or dislike or should be changed. If you have any other ideas for features that should be added or change, feel free to say so. I will edit the post and credit you (if you like). Thanks for reading!

You know that metal axes are already in the game, right?

I would add Low Quality Metal blueprint is Rare and not learned as a fresh spawn.

hmm…Interesting point. That would make several items, such as the m9 pistol inaccessible to players until they learned how to make Low Quality Metal. It would drop the number of people caring guns, and it would add more incentives to go to supply drops and hunt zombies.

What do you guys think?

Do you mean the metal hatchet? I am talking about a two handed axe. The hatchet can gather wood faster from trees, but not by much.

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Just updated the list. Hopefully there will be more suggestions to come. Remember feel free to comment on any of the ideas.

New wood and metal ceiling pieces:

Stairwell > ceiling door panel that can be placed above stairs (metal/wood hatch (door) can be placed)
Peep/drop hole > ceiling piece that can be used to drop to lower level, or look below for ambushing/escaping from raiders (no doors/hatches can be placed, basically a ceiling window)
Spike trap > when placed on ceiling, the foundation/ceiling below receives a “button” that works like a door ID - one who didn’t place it triggers a falling trap (spike wall?) that does escalating damage the higher it is placed, consumed and needs to be replaced once triggered (maybe different levels/variations, up to explosive charge traps with reinforced housing that doesn’t damage wall/floor pieces)
Reinforced metal/wood > upgrade to existing housing panels to require more explosives to blow through, making door labyrinths more useful.

Floor matting:
Ability to dampen steps in house, connected matting makes it impossible to plant walls (prevent griefing if someone gets inside placing walls etc. in areas you want to be open) - requires cloth/leather?

I don’t see in making these threads anymore. I highly doubt the developers even look at this. They go by what they think of, not what we want.

I would love this. I always feel so vulnerable in my house, which is weird. I never feel safe in a house.

At least 1 of the developers or development staff has posted a dozen times in the last 2 hours.

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I think the world we live in right now is very small compared to what it can become, if you’ve ever grabbed some food and traveled a couple hours along the shore edge away from all the existing content. I think this is relevant to the point, that people (and conflicts) will be more spread out and pistols floating around wouldn’t be a big deal in the grand scheme of things. You still need a house of some sort with a furnace and workbench to make this stuff.

Personally I’m not too scared of just 1 person with a pistol if I am just equipped with a bow. It also makes building metal housing materials impossible, while the metal housing materials are semi-rare as it is. I think you should be able to “get-by” without visiting a supply drop, if you play solo on an existing server that has established groups your chances of coming out with anything is very unrealistic.

Yeah, you do bring up a very good point. I probably have only seen a couple big metal houses on the few servers I have been on. Also, I think you are right about the guns. I have not been killed my 9mm pistols that much. I have been mostly killed by m4, smgs, and shotguns. I changed the suggestion to “subject to debate” and added a link to what you said.

Hmmm…These are some interesting suggestions. I will update the list accordingly.

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Ok…this is odd, I can’t seem to edit the post. When I click “edit” the message appears blank 0_o . Is there anything I can do?

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Ok, something is wrong. I wanted to edit the post, but when I clicked “Edit” the screen it showed was blank! Did I do something wrong?

Change Zombies And Zombie Loot: Another change I think that will come later since it is still in Alpha. Instead of having Red and Black Zombies, perhaps they can be Armored Zombies, such as military or police. They can Military Zombies, Police Zombies. A shirtless Zombie can be as well. They can be much faster. What do you guys thinks of zombie loot based off of the difficulty of killing the zombie? The stronger zombies would drop rarer loot.

You know they are removing zombies right?

Wait, they are removing the zombies all together? Where was this announced?

I wish I could edit this into the list, but for some reason the text box appears blank whenever I click “Edit”

It’d be cool if you could farm animals. Like tame them, pen them and make a farm.

yes they are;

I would like to see either C4 become incredibly difficult to craft and a smaller explosive such as dynamite added as an interim explosive -OR- (and preferrably) metal doors either get buffed or an addition of ‘Reinforced Metal Doors’ as at the moment they go down quite quickly (Although this makes for interesting base design…)

I would also like to see some sort of basic stats page that contains information such as how many hours alive, time of last death, distance travelled etc.

There is plenty of room for the crafting side of the game to grow given time and I have faith that it will.

I wonder if birds would be possible as I’d love to hunt ducks for food. Also fishing although that’s a big dream I imagine.

I would like to see paper become a very scarce resource and ultimately not craftable.

The ability to make signs or leave notes would be cool as this could lead to treasure maps to secret stashs, chore lists for ‘housemates’ and calling cards left in huts you raided would be amusing.

Perhaps markers you could lay down? I like the use of landmarks by eye as it is, but I grew up in a state forest and to navigate deeper parts we used to leave markers such as fluro pink or green ribbons, a bit of fluro paint on a tree or even a wedge cut out by an hatchet.

I daresay most other things I’d like to see have already been suggested at some point or other so that’s all I’ll add for now.

I think c4 could be nerfed to shit. Either though damage done, or requirements to construct. But I never feel safe in my house. I really wish building a house was more rewarding than it is right now. Right now they just serve as “Come here and get this loot” markers.

I’d LOVE to see rain and banners in-game. Rain because it makes the game more realistic. Plus, I’m more focused and relaxed when it’s raining (hearing the sound of rain). I like the banner idea because groups/clans/guilds would be able to place them on their forts so 1.) group members know the fort; 2.) Other groups know who to raid.

Already a suggestions thread

I posted this on another page already but here it is.

Create signs and notes/letters:
I’d like a way to create signs like for example “trespasser will be shot”.
And the possibility write messages so you can drop at note to your fellow neighbors such as “will go hunting tonight, be at our camp at 8 if you wanna join”

And this one is new:

See player name from far when targeting them for a while:
It can be kind of hard to ID some players when far and I have no problem with hiding the name because it help avoiding being easily spotted. But if you aim at the guy let’s say for 5 second more or less, the name should appear as long as you keep aiming.

Or the possibility to create a trusted list which would spot the name right away when aiming at the player.

It’s just something that could help avoiding shooting your friendly neighbor or your own buddies that just came to say hi.

Just any way to ID a player would help, I rather go with no names over the head but with the current situation you almost need to sniff the other’s butt in order to recognize it.

I am sorry, I was not aware. Where is it located? I can post a link to it. Or post a link in it to mine.

add my idea - seeds to farm :3