Suggestion threads

Anyone else agree that the moderators should make a thread dedicated to requests? I’ve been seeing countless reports of “they should add bows” and “more guns”.


This is what this subforum should be but there is so many beggars that it is not

I have seen a lot of “Make a request thread” threads, so you are not the first one.

After one day I am already tired of this subforum so I know why this is being asked

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t have one, I’m just saying that it doesn’t help making countless threads about the same thing.
All this is still new, it will come together at some point, but right now I would imagine they got their minds on the game, and not so much this forum.
Yes, they have probably got mods to take care of the forum, but still.

you must’ve misunderstood it’s hard for this to be a good subforum for that kind of thing when there are so many beggars, that is what I’m saying