[suggestion] to devs about community driven content

I can’t see anything at night! Ok, you’re funny, you’re thinking “no shit sherlock”, but listen.

I love watching Rust videos. The admin free-cams are great! Good stuff. But I’ll be honest about one thing. It’s so boring watching a black screen.
Please give admins and other such flybyers the ability to see in the dark.
It would make such a huge difference when it comes to community driven content from the perspective of an omnipotent fairy.
It could be an effect of ‘god-mode’ or an entirely different toggle.

There are many more benefits to this idea, some I’m sure I haven’t thought of. I would like to see a full scale raid video in which I can actually tell what is happening at night. I think many viewers and creators alike can get on board this wagon. I haven’t a clue how simple it would be to adjust lighting for a specific perspective, but I’m positive it can be done.
Thanks for reading, feel free to offer feedback in the form of questions, suggestions, and other such collaborations.