Suggestion to make some Casual Official Servers to make the game more accessible

I believe that creating some official ‘casual’ servers would mean players with much less time on their hands can play knowing others don’t have an advantage even if those people have more time on their hands. I’m aware softcore exists to somewhat make the game easier but softcore doesn’t touch on these issues.

An example of making a server casual would be:
8 hours daily up time that is scheduled to begin at 4pm and end at 12pm GMT not to be confused with wiping every day but just go offline everyday. So servers can still be weekly wipe as usual.

Here’s a couple reasons why these servers would be great:

  • This would let players with responsibilities that give them very little time to enjoy rust to still be able to compete with others and enjoy the game without feeling like they need to drop everything to play.

  • While offline raiding is a part of the game a lot of players don’t like it, having servers with 8 hour uptime windows will mitigate offline raiding which is a bonus.

  • Player interaction will occur more frequently and on larger scales compared to other servers of the same map size and population capacity.

  • The server population wont fish tail/nose dive so soon because their progress into the wipe is an incentive and so is the fact there’s a specified window (8Hrs in this case) that your base is vulnerable to raiding/ decay by your now more likely to be active neighbours.

  • The Rust Companion app can be used to subscribe to these servers to get push notifications when those servers go live daily and or wipe.

  • Chat notifications from the server can warn when a restart is happening or when the server is going to go offline for the day in advance. (eg. 15 mins before the server is going offline.) Challenges time management because it can postpone a raid if you don’t work fast enough.

  • Players internet speeds will be be more consistent. Because most of these servers will suit certain countries time zones more than others. Meaning most players on the server are likely to live near each other and not on the other side of the continent helping with connection and latency etc.

I know I only focused on changing the uptime of servers on this but this is my main big suggestion to help make casual servers for now then there are little things like bringing the XP system back to some servers and the minicopters that spawn along the road

If you got this far then thanks for reading!

I’m sure there are thousands of community/modded servers that could suit your game style.