Suggestion - Tool cupboards

Have read some previous discussions around the use of tool cupboards, from both sides (raiders and base builders).

Obviously you don’t want to discourage base raiding, as it’s defiantly what makes the game what it is, however, base raids should be done with conflict when the owners are there or around. Any base is raidable with enough time or resources. This has lead to the creation of massive clans the like which has not been seen on Survival base games before, allowing clans to build huge, almost-unbeatable bases and give them resources to throw unlimited explosives/towers at any other base on the server allowing for quick, easy and generally, uncontested raids.

My idea is:

  • Tool cupboards cannot be placed in radius of another tool cupboard (reduces overall size of a base and needed for rest of idea)
  • Tool cupboard being turned ‘on’ will block ANY construction within it’s sphere of influence. Also makes any structure in range unable to suffer any damage (still can suffer degrade due to inactivity)
  • Tool cupboard requires to be turned off to allow any locked door, storage box, fire pit, furnace, repair bench, etc to be used. If anyone who has ‘privlelage’ with the tool cupboard can do any of the above, however it will immediately turn ‘off’ the tool cupboard.
  • Tool cupboard requires 5 minutes time before being turned on before it’s ‘on’ state sphere of influence takes effect. Any access of storage item or opening of locked door will restart the timer

This means:

  • Bases unraidable when the base is not being used in any way, shape, or form, by the owners.
  • Bases totally vulnerable while owners are home,
  • Base cannot be immediately locked up at the first sign of threat

Just throwing this out there for discussion.

seems like a horrible idea buddy… i hope this NEVER EVER gets even considered…
sorry you took the time to write this awful idea :frowning:

Care to be a bit more constructive and provide feedback on what part of my suggestion you don’t particularly agree with?

I feel the issue with the current way tool cupboards work is it promotes raids when the owners are not online, while providing too much protection for them when they are online.

instead of changing the game because you think its too hard, learn to build better. build a house that even offline raiders cant get easily through. hide your house. come out with inventive design that will make it hard for offline raider.

Servers would be pretty empty out of peak hours if people couldn’t raid. Bases could be griefed a lot if there was no protection at all

I understand the premise, and what you’re trying to achieve, but putting sections of the map into “Freeze mode” would be taking an already bad idea (tool cupboards) to a further extreme. Even if you upped the cooldown timer significantly (since having 5 minutes to raid is a little silly), I can think of multiple ways to exploit the system (most of them involving suicide)… which means the people who do nothing but look for exploits will find a half dozen more. The disparity of gang-raiding and the negative impact it has on servers can’t be mitigated by bringing raiding in general to a grinding halt. Gone would be any sense of zone control… someone could build a raid tower next to your base with steps on the outside, and you have to build in response to this because you can’t touch the structure that allows players to jump onto your roof all day long. Clans would stop PVPing and start following players home for the rare opportunity to raid, while smaller groups would find they have almost completely lost the ability to raid as they wander around a landscape of impenetrable-by-design houses.

Sorry mate, didn’t like the idea as well. It’s time consuming and makes things more complicated.

I think that the way the cupboards are currently implemented is fine.

Bases being raided while offline? Well this means that your idea will make bases raidable while online… So we have just shifted the raiding incidents, from offline to online.

If a base is raided while offline, this means that -most probably- the base is poorly designed. Poor designs means that a base should be raidable whether the owner is offline or online.

However, if your idea is implemented, we’re giving noobs a chance to design shitty bases and then get premium protection for free when they are offline!

I would fix one of your idea - Tool Cupboard should claim way more territory (like u can’t build another tool cupboard in radius 3-5km from any other tool cupboard), but also status that prevent from building close to tool cupboard (other contruction then tool cupboard itself) should have same radius like it is now or even smaller (to prevent huge bases of zerg clans).

I agree with the idea of only 1 tool cupboard, though its range should either be increased or fixed to the base size plus a perimeter.

Soooo… what if you activate the cupboard, and then want to leave your base to run out for resources? Opening the door will deactivate it…

I’m gonna say no to this one.

just get rid of cupboards entirely

max 1 cupboard per person

get rid of them. there is no reason a magical forcefield would protect you from having other players building nearby. it was never in legacy, and has become essential in the defense of bases, making everything far too safe in a game where nothing should be safe. it also prevents us from testing the balance of building/breaking walls etc, since without finding and using/destroying the hidden cupboard, a raider cannot place blocks on your home; instead they level the house.

a limit seems like a good idea at first, but a strong team can block off a large area in the first 30 mins even with the 1 per player restriction. and increasing the range is dangerous for the same reason.