[Suggestion] Trade Routes ( Make landmarks useful and a huge part of the game! Increase content easily! )

In rust we have lots of landmarks, but they need to be useful other than to be a landmark itself.

These landmarks should be should be a center of events/hotspots.

All Landmarks should have their own trade route.

This lets people farm normal resources to craft tradepacks at landmarks and take those packs to other landmarks to get trade-route only resources/items. What does this do exactly?

This makes landmarks and all the roads in-between HOTSPOTS. Which means, Players will travel them and be active in the world, players who do this will do 1 of 5 things,


  1. Craft a tradepack with common resources in order to do the trade-route and get rare items/resources/money

  2. Kill players crafting

  3. Kill players traveling between landmarks

  4. Guard players crafting/traveling

  5. Trade with other players

I’m okay with landmarks representing important resource sources, but make your own trade routes with signs and armed escorts.

The trade routes are all of the landmarks, you make a pack at a landmark then bring that pack to a different landmark.

The players do everything, and the landmarks are randomized whenever a new map is generated. its different every single time a server wipes the map and the players are the ones doigng the traderoutes or defending them or attacking them.

I like the idea to enable people to be out on the map for some reason or another :wink:

The focus of this idea is that we’ll be able to visit a landmark and craft a unique item that is only craftable at that location.

You gave an example of water. What else do you propose?

I think pretty quickly one large clan will dominate one or more of the special crafting locations, erect a massive base, and edge everyone out. Sure there would be fights during that process, but in the end 90% of the players on a server will have no access to these special crafted items. The 10% that DO have access will have little incentive to trade with the have-nots because they can take whatever they want by force.

Seems like a quick way for a small group to become rich fast and stay in power. I dunno… I’d need to see more suggested trade goods than just “water.”

What you suggested is exactly what rad towns are already supposed to be doing.

Often times there are multiple of the same type of landmark, and again, if a clan takes over a landmakr that locks them in for being able to either do those traderoutes, or sell the trade packs.

if a clan takes over lets say The Water Dome and locks in that trade pack for themselves, they still have to either A Haul it to another landmark, or B sell those packs to get anything from it.

This leaves room for people to either A) Attack this dome, b) kill people that come out of the dome to haul trade packs, or c) buy from these people if they wish to not fight.

You dont get anything from this particular landmark other than the ability to craft the tradepack, and of course turn in other tradepacks crafted at other landmarks.

yso yeah taking over a landmark is a good strat and gets people having server wars or trading posts… its a good thing lol.