[Suggestion] Trade Wall

We just will need this so will be an option to make shops or stores in-game.


I think this should be programmed to work like MMOs/Steam trading system (each player drops a item on their own slot, then once both players accept the deal the trade its done)

*Window of course should have the chance to be “upgraded” with metal bars/windows or whatever rust team will add to be placed on window frames.

** I think the best for the animations of the “metal door” should be to make it clientside (always closed from your view, when you interact with it it should play the opening animation and keep the door opened while you do the trade (while you have the trade menu opened) once you cancel/accept the deal and “trade menu” gets closed you should see the door closing)

I think its easy to get it done, necessary and fits in the game.

Trading should have an element of risk. Rust is about creating your own solutions from the basic rules of the game, not having the game enforce artificial structures with code.

There is no risk on manage items on your inventory while you re in front of a building of other players or with a window in-front of your face?

What’s the difference between this and throwing your shit on the ground and swapping places to pick up the other’s dropped stuff, then?

It’s a nice idea, but I don’t think it’s “necessary,” and it’s a partially-secure trade, which is not what Rust’s about.

You can just put a box close to a window since you can reach in through windows.

Then I suppose you hate the “keypad” because it breaks all the key system in-game right?

yeah, its a partially secure trade… where the foreign can be killed by the owner during the trade… same way everybody who see any structure with this will think that there will be valuable items on that structure so It could make it more raiding interesting… especially if “the shop/building” achieve fame on the server.

EDIT: Also, if people saves their stuff on other structure (mostly hidden) and uses other structure with this to trade there will be people who move the stuff from “the base” to “the shop” to make the trades, giving the possibility of people to camp close to kill “caravans”

I like this idea.

If anything it tells people strolling by that you are a merchant willing to trade your items.

The keypad is one advanced tech level of the lock hierarchy, but I was a little disappointed when garry decided to bring it back, since you asked. However, everyone and their grandmother was crying and screaming about physical keys and begging garry to bring back the code locks, which he was planning to do, so I’m not going to try and fight that battle, it’s already over.

What if you stand against the side of the wall and activate the slot from the side, out of window view? Now you’re only vulnerable if they actually come outside and kill you, or they build the trading slot wall at the end of a short alley with multiple windows looking at it and exposing the entire area to lines of sight.

Make your own trading post, you don’t need a special wall piece to do it.

You dont like it, ok I got it…

I still cant understand how a raider can be clever enough to make a AK 47 to be more effective at raiding but how a trader must act like a stupid and never improve their trade system… same way why add water collectors? just go out and move to the river with one bottle to get water right? or why I need a crossbow if I got a bow? or why allow farming or raise animals in your base? just go out for it!

I don’t have a problem with this, although it would need to be a simple prop and nothing more. No addons or anything, just a simple window with a small counter/pane, maybe.

2 locked doors, and a window with bars on the side. trader comes into the locked box, throws the gear through the window. they attack or fuck around, they get killed. they don’t, they get let out again:)

look, it’s not a bad idea, but it’s also not really needed if you use the tools we already have.


No! It should work as it is drawn, one player puts in his payment, owner takes it and puts in the goods, buyer takes it. Simple. Completely risky.

This also opens up avenues for banks and hotels.

I would enjoy the concept, as redundant as it might be. But only so long as the metal bars that would/could eventually protect the window, could still be shot through by players. Hell, even make them where a spear can get through the bars.

But to be perfectly honest, I want for there to be actual caravans that can be crafted, instead. It adds a more realistic touch to the game than a bunch of trading shacks littering the landscape, and it forces traders to be extremely careful, by being proactive and making trustworthy friends to help protect them as they travel from place to place.

Even make it where raided caravans do not decay quickly, so other players know which trade routes have been taken over.

I like the idea, but like utilitron, I think it could work without the confirm/confirm mechanism. If there was a loot window that was only available while the ‘trough’ was on your side, one person could place an item, then push the trough over, making it available on the other side. Make it so you can’t pull it back, you can only push it to avoid someone doing some kind of bait and switch. There is still a level of trust involved, but it’s not nearly as sketchy as meeting out in the open. It also makes the mechanism less contrived.

If someone wants to build up trust in the community and avoid getting ganged up on, they won’t abuse the trust of those who trade.

It would also make a nice drop off mechanism for gathering. Open it before you leave, put what you’ve gathered in the slot without having to go inside. Would also allow for ‘deliveries’ while you aren’t at your house. Maybe it does something interesting if someone drops a ‘hot’ explosive charge in? You could also add locks to it like the key lock or code lock.

Lots of possibilities.

I think this kind would be more useful.


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