[Suggestion] Tranquilizer Guns / Toxins

Hey, I don’t really like making threads for something as small and simple as a single idea but it hit me, and there wasn’t a general idea-guy thread. I can kind of understand why considering it’d be flooded with people saying things like “add an m4 plss” but I’ve been thinking it over for awhile and only now got to making the thread.

Personally, I’d love it if at some point Tranquilizer guns were added to the growing arsenal of Rust. In the grand scheme of things they’re not that important to the game, but the thing that gave me the thought is this-

I kind of don’t like killing people. Sure it’s just a game, but most of the time when I see an armed visual dangerously close, I’ll freeze up before making a break for it and hiding after making line of sight, not having want to have killed a potentially friendly person because I know how awful it feels to lose all your shit due to a stupid misunderstanding. In Rust, there are a lot of situations where you have to make the call as to whether the group approaching are a group of raiders or those scavengers from earlier returning, and if you call wrong you’ll either have a group spiteful towards you for an age and a half or your body riddled with bullets and looted. I know the sense of perpetual nervousness is a big part of this game, so I figure as a consequence for being a conscience-clean option, they’d have to be kind of… Bad.

Difficult to produce in the first place, costly to produce ammo for, less than great round velocity and bullet penetration, single action or single shot, and a decreased effect unless you hit them in the head or vitals, ala MGS; and that’s not even mentioning the fact that people would eventually wake up. I feel like tranquilizer guns would fit the wilderness survival feel the game has going for it at times as well, but that’s more of a subjective thing. For basic reference of what I had pictured, I was thinking of something like the MK 22 Hush Puppy as it functioned in Snake Eater or the Sydney Sleeper from Team Fortress (which shoots piss, but was clearly conceptualized as a tranquilizer rifle) at the time.

As a side thing relating to the fact that tranquilizer darts would logically probably require some kind of herbs to produce, I think a poison system would make for another interesting addition. Poisons, tranquilizers, and other assorted drugs that can be ingested or applied to bladed or pointed weapons for your dedicated spear-wielding tribal. Poisons themselves might be a little much with the bleed system already in, but hey- just a thought.

Any thoughts on either proposals?

Herbs could drop off of hemp until a system of real plants were introduced. It would add a random system to hemp plants like ore nodes have.

But most importantly, there’s gotta be incentive to knock people out instead of killing them.

I think your stats are a little too forgiving. It should be easier to craft than a good gun, but still harder than a pistol. At that point you could go for a sort of blowgun type thing that doesn’t require a BP, but has shit range and accuracy. And then have a real tranquilizer gun that requires a BP and some decent materials to craft, but acts a lot like the hunting rifle.

I think the effect itself shouldn’t be too complex. Chest and limbs should share the same values, but the head would be very effective. Maybe it wouldn’t do anything against metal armor? I think the player should have 5-10 seconds to notice hes been hit, but that’s all he has to react. If it’s a slow, one shot type of thing you don’t want to have it be a complete skill weapon or like I said, no one is going to use it and people are just going to shoot first like they already do.

The idea of knocking people out is fun though, just look at ARK. I think the game would definitely benefit from it.

If the player is hit in the arms or chest, he should either only be put into a dazed state or have a good amount of time to react/take an anti-toxin. What you DON’T want is the ability to just start chugging anti-toxins no matter where you’re hit, making tranquilizer weapons effectively worthless if you’re up against a vaguely well-equipped player. You don’t want a cheap weapon that can basically serve as a one-hit kill no matter where you shoot someone, either.