Let’s just admit it.

Rust needs to have some kind of group system. I think these should be called tribes as it keeps with the cavemanish feel of the game. You would be able to set up your own tribe, perhaps it would need some requirements so new people don’t just randomly make tribes that only have them in it. People could then join your tribe but they would need to be invited. You would be allowed to set door permissions so that you could make it say “Tribe members only.” They could also perhaps incorporate some kind of tribe ranking system so that you could allow only certain ranks into areas of your base.

It would also help with what one of the most neglected features of rust, which is the ability to make your own little settlements with different people and all live and work together which I very rarely see.

Just an idea, tell me what you think. :smile:

I think no. If you want a tribe or clan, go organize it yourself. You can’t favor grouping since some of us play lone wolf, and we are disadvantaged as is.


You really like posting that, don’t you… :v:

I think that dyed clothes or some kind of customization might make it easier for people to make groups or tribes. You can already make groups and such on steam you don’t need that ingame.

If this is the direction the game is going, I’m excited for it!

Yes I do, sums up so much stuff in one easy picture.

This is exactly why i love this game. Though i play on the PVE servers mostly, still PVP isn’t a bad choice if you’re starting a town to actually defend your town and kill the invaders unlike in PVE where that’s not a option.

Snap just give a defined thread about the debs aim for freedom. I’m sick of these dumb threads that suggest clans and crap.