Suggestion: Turrets

I would love to see something like turrets tested out in alpha. I belive they could make the game alot more fun.

  • You could craft a turret on a foundation or ceiling
  • The turret could be powered by Furnace on the same ceiling/foundation for now (electricity later?)
  • Turret could cause a knockback and somekind of sound effect you could hear from quite far
    OR cause an Injury (slow down)
    OR Couple points damage
  • Make the game fun for players building big forts and make more people want to attack them - even for funsies :stuck_out_tongue:

It would get griefed out the ass, sorry. People would make foundations without any walls, place a couple turrets, then blast away anyone who walks by unaware. Also griefers who raid a house, kill a sleeper, then place turrets in there, effectively spawn camping the player.