[SUGGESTION] Tweak Sheet Metal Tier

Sheet metal should cost 200 Metal instead of 100, it’s health should be increased to 400-500 and it should break pickaxes/tools twice as fast as stone tier does.

Make sheet metal tier viable please.

bump - I want to see a viable tier 4

Well, sheetmetal cant be stronger than a stonewall. Did you ever saw a house built of sheetmetal? If you put c4 on that in reallife, there is no way that it survives that blast. Why should a sheetmetal wall take more than 1 c4 then?
I appreciate that you like to have a 4th tier, but i guess its better to create a whole new “material class”. Like “concrete Walls”.

maybe instead of sheet metal it’s reinforced stone. Like re-barred Stone. I don’t really care about the realism in this aspect of the game, I would rather have a viable gameplay tier 4 building material. A bit more cost and double the hp also make the tools break faster when used on it.

Yeah like a stonewall wich got reinforced with sheetmetal :slight_smile: and steelbars.

So basicly the wall would be more stabile so it takes 3 1/2 c4 and the armored 4 c4.
And you could make it more expensive though.

Could look like this http://rjbasementwaterproofing.com/!/img/structure-slide3.jpg